Best Lotion for cracked hands?

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    I will be working in the NICU, so I know my hands will become dry from all the washing. Anyone have some suggestions for great hand lotions?

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    If I can remember to put Cetaphil lotion on my hands every night before I go to bed, I notice a huge difference in my skin. I like it becausse it's not one of those really heavy, greasy lotions and it still works well. The trick is I have to remember to do it EVERY night!
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    I use Gardener's hand therapy from crabtree and evelyn. It soaks in, not greasy, nice fragrance. I actually started using it when I started doing work with stained glass -- the flux would dry out your skin in an instant, but I needed something that kept my hands soft without making them slippery. Great on cuticles, and a little bit goes a long way.
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    I like Udderly Smooth. It's great and non-greasy, and the package is cute too
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    I like these 3: St. Ives Extra Relief Collagen Elastin lotion; Avon's Care Deeply with Aloe lotion, or Avon's Intensive Moisture Therapy
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    OMG, the best I've ever found is a product called Corn Husker's Lotion. I used it when I worked in preschool (and washed my hands about a thousand times a day!). My hands would get so chapped and dry they would bleed. It's a clear, jelly-like lotion. Non-greasy. Absorbs COMPLETELY. I it!
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    Cetaphil cream works really well. I think the cream works better than the lotion, but both are good. They also make soap, which will not dry the skin.
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    Neutrogena makes an intensive hand therapy lotion. It comes in a small white tube with red and blue on it. It is really thick, but not greasy, plus does not totally wash off after a few hand washes.

    I do a sugar scrub (sugar with a small amount of olive oil) on my hands at night, put on this lotion and go to bed. Works wonders!
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    its lifesaving! hands down, the best moisturizing lotion on the market. its also the only thing i used when i have severely chapped lips (they make this all in one ointment).. its the only thing that brings relief and actually works. try it!

    heres a link:
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    Please note that many of the lotions listed above contain oils that can have an adverse affect on the integrity of latex gloves. Water-based lotions approved by glove manufacturers should be used in these cases.

    "Is it all right to use hand lotion before putting on latex gloves?
    Yes, as long as the hand lotion is water-based. Check the labeling to make sure the lotion does not contain any oil. Oils, such as mineral oil, or petroleum based products, such as Vaseline®, can weaken latex, allowing the glove to tear. Just because a lotion easily washes off does not mean that it is water-based. Please note that oil-based lotions do not affect vinyl gloves."

    "Nitrile also has the benefit of being resistant to any breakdown from oilbased products,î Truscott says. ìNitrile would be an excellent product to use if you are working with a lubricant, milking tubing or performing various procedures requiring contact with an oil-based substance, Oils can breakdown latex where youíll notice your fingertips getting tacky or elongated whereas Nitrile does not."
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