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I know there are many posts on this subject. We were just told we WILL be doing this under no uncertain terms. We have semi private rooms. We have dementia pts,confused people , psych pts, drug seekers, etc now. How is bedside... Read More

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    Well, as soon as you wake the patient up, they will want to get up and go pee. Or want pain medication. Or something, anything to slow you down! Half of our patients are too confused to participate, and the other half are chronic pain complainers.

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    Quote from jrwest
    Omg I hate that I had to revisit this thread, but now we are 1) being told we are to WAKE UP the pt so they are interactive in the report (????????), and 2) that we are not to be having ANY overtime due to this- if we do we will be written up.
    How is waking the pt up going to help satisfaction scores???
    It's a no win situation.

    I wish I knew how to do something other than nursing
    I wish management would work the floor just one single day. That crap would not happen. Wow. You're employer is going to fire everyone I suppose!

    We do walking rounds. They're okay. Sometimes we will get stuck in a room but otherwise it works well. We also keep sheets that contain pertinent information that are passed along from shift to shift.

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