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So I have been reading a lot about nurses hating bedside nursing lately. I know that at some point in my career as a bedside nurse I really wanted to throw in the towel. That is why I went and got my... Read More

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    I think it should be kept in mind that OP is only working the floor part-time and has options. Since I've been part-time while going to school, work is AMAZING.
    But when you're doing it full-time, with no other options in sight, it's a whole different ballgame.
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    My thoughts:

    It's been my experience that the newish RNs who seem to hate bedside nursing the most are often those who were never LPNs or CNAs beforehand. It's not that they don't have the "calling" or whatever. It's just that they didn't know what they were getting themselves into. The media portrays nursing as either some cushy "doctor's sexy assistant" gig or as some adrenaline fueled "life and death" quasi-medical career. The reality is pretty different. There's a lot more poop, paper work and endless phone calls then the TV would have you believe.

    And nursing schools don't really prepare new grads for the real world, either. It prepares them instead for some sort of mythical "ivory tower hospital" job that doesn't exist. Even the clinical rotations are hugely sheltered experiences and don't give the students an idea of real nursing.

    Of course, LPNs and CNAs may begin their careers equally unprepared and misinformed. But their investment of time and money is much less. It's easier for them to be flexible and start over in a different field. I think some new grad RNs feel trapped in a career they're I'll-suited to by the weight of all they have invested getting there.
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    And as for the question of whether bedside nursing is "that bad", no, I don't think it is.

    Bedside nursing is more than just hospitals or nursing homes. There's so many places a nurse can work. Even as a LPN, I have a ton of options. RNs have even more. Nurses who feel burnt out might benefit from thinking outside the box.
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    Not a big fan of bed side nursing personally for many reasons. I have found most nursing aren't either.

    In my opinion it is a hard hard road. You have to really really want to be a nurse, have really very good coping skills, and then maybe you will like your job longer than a year.

    Hate to sound like that, I've always been a hard working, strong person. But nursing has a lot of problems that need fixing.
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    I think that as a nurse, there are really more pros and cons.
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    I've been around long enough and had enough different jobs to say that - on whole - my present bedside job is pretty dang good by comparison to many jobs I've had - inside and outside of nursing.
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    I really didn't like bedside nursing. I admire those who do ...I found my niches 15 years in a doctor's office and now 11 yrs as a schoolnurse... much better and famly friendly...
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    I hear you...
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    OCRN3 - thanks for sharing your perspective. After seeing all the negative comments about floor nursing on this forum, I was starting to get worried. However, you put it all into perspective!
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    I became an LPN at age 20 and worked Med-Surg for like 10 years. I absolutely loved bedside nursing! If I hadn't ruined my back and knee in the process, I'd still be doing bedside nursing, but the 12 hour shifts that hospitals have adopted mean that I can't. I am now 43, and can't physically run up and down those long halls for 12 hours at a stretch. I miss it, badly. But now have to be content with less physically demanding nursing.
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