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from nursing link: "nurses in one unit at the jfk medical center in atlantis, fl, have decided to wear the old-fashioned style nursing uniform for an eight-week trial to see how it would affect patient opinion of the care... Read More

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    . . . Indeed on the day St. Vincent's Manhattan closed, a "young" nurse wore a white dress, stocking, shoes and her St. V's cap and cape. When the media asked her about her uniform, she stated is was from her graduation and she wanted to wear it on the last day of the hospital's existence to honour the long history and tradition of Saint Vincent's nurses.
    That's a sweet sentiment. One marked difference between California and the eastern states is the relative higher density of historic nursing schools and hospital based programs you had there. I find the whole subject fascinating and I love old movies that depict (at least a little bit!lol) it. I'm quite sure nurses of the '30s weren't flaunting the rules as Barbara Stanwyck did in "Night Nurse", but the dorms and all-powerful House Officer is based in some sense of reality. Student nurses of today might be surprised that students were expected to be almost like indentured servants back then.

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    Since Vatican II many religious orders of both men and women got shot of full habits. Nuns and monks probably are more likely to wear them, as opposed to sisters and brothers. You could walk around any of the remaining Catholic health care systems/hospitals and would be hard pressed to tell the "nuns" from anyone else.
    When I started Catholic High School in 1971 the habits were a thing of the past for all but two of the nuns, who were older and not working in the classroom anymore. I remember clearly one nun who still worked as a nurse at the adjacent hospital run by the same order of religious, who had a beautiful all white habit that always looked perfect!! I think when I was 16 I was so in awe of that - some Supernatural Power had to be involved!

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