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  1. OMG I did my interview at WP. I was so llooking forward to happy go lucky interview, but the guy who nin tervieewd me wanted to grill me on my qualifiv=cations. My graduate and my progress towards my doctorate degree seemed to **** him off. in the...
  2. Nursing and sexual orientation

    be good at your job and you can be my hero! Sexuality does not matter when it comes to caring for a patient.
  3. Over riding a resident?

    residents are in the learning process and sometimes we need to remind them of that
  4. Would you work a shift as an aide?

    I don't think it is a point about being "too good" to perform any of the tech duties. In my facility we would shift to primary nursing and give 3-4 patients to the nurses and they are responsible for vitals etc. Why not use the RN as an RN? To me ...
  5. "You cannot have BSN or MSN on your nametag?"

    Ever notice that dieticians and some OT/PT people commonly sign their name with their MS? I never sign with anything other than RN, however I do have my degrees and certs listed on my badge.
  6. personal cell phone and the internet and impact on staff moral

    I do not see a problem with cell phone usage among staff that are responsible. Take away cell phone and some staff will be on the land lines or breaking every twn minutes. The blame does not lie with the phone but with the behavior. My current hosp...
  7. Over riding a resident?

    So what happens if the trops were elevated and she had some ST changes on her EKG? The time you spend calling the resident and then her senior you could have drawn the labs at least and had the EKG at bedside. These are not very involved processes ...
  8. Unemployed 6 months and counting, Frustrated

    I use to bug the hell out of the recruiter until I got an interview. Emails, phone calls and even popping to say hello. The squeaky wheel gets the oil.
  9. Can you live a luxury lifestyle as a nurse?

    the true luxury is being healthier than those we care for.
  10. Patients who stay on the phone when you come...

    i never care if they are on the phone. If I have meds for them I set it beside them and if they have questions they ask. I can check back with them later to complete an assessment etc. Usually if they are well enough to chat on the phone they can'...
  11. Ever Refuse a MD order?

    I had a fresh post-op in the SICU - some belly surgery. Anyway, the Anes. giving report stated the patient would need something for pain, but he was having a hard time deciding exactly what he should order. In the end he told me, "just give him what...
  12. Question about perfume/cologne

    I was guilty of the wearing the colognes as a younger nurse, but now I cannot stand to smell it on others. Even some deodorants are horribly strong. Soap still smells good to to me!! I like the nurses who carry around the fabreeze to douse themself...
  13. Back to Traditional Nursing Uniforms?

    our floor nurses wear white (icu and ed wear blue) and we have quite a few nurses that have gone to wearing blue and black underthings below their whites as some sort of protest - it is too funny.
  14. Back to Traditional Nursing Uniforms?

    Amen to the zipper. I also have to have the cargo pockets - can't have enough pockets!!
  15. Been an RN for 6 months..why do I still dread giving report?

    I have worked as a traveler and a nurse for ages and you will get the nurse here or there who is difficult to give report to. They interrupt or ask non-relevant questions or want some minute detail that does not have anything to do with patient care...