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I am curious to know which is better. To have an average GPA from a really good school, or to have an outstanding GPA from an easier school. I only ask because like most people, I have to accept a C (hopefully) in one of my... Read More

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    I think it depends on what you consider a bad school. Just because standards are a little lower doesn't make the school a bad program. Most employers don't go through the trouble of researching nursing programs, they look at your GPA and go by that. There are some very good nursing programs that some peole have never heard of because they are very small programs. They're not going to take the time to try and find out about that school.

    Think about people from out of state. They don't have time to look at what's got a lower retention rate, if it's accredited that's all they really care about.
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    Never had an employer ask me for my GPA.

    If you're looking to further your career in school sure,
    pad the resume with the "good grades".
    Nothing replaced quality. I'd rather have someone of quality working
    next to me.

    If you're striving for mediocrity go for the cakewalk.
    If you're wanting to do well in career accept the better program.
    Work hard.

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