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  1. by   retiredmednurse
    For example,I was an Lpn working in LTC. I needed an ambulance to pick up a resident for an emergency. I was the only nurse,Rn or Lpn, there. The EMT told me in a very harsh voice"I need the RN to sign this". The document he wanted me to sign also had a spot for "Rn signature" on it. I could not legally sign it,because while i was the nurse i was not an Rn.

    Could you have called an RN to get an order to "Transfer [Mr. B] via ambulance to such-hospital"? This way you could sign the signature line as T.O.V. Ms. Winters, RN/ (your name) LPN' and write it a second time in the chart to cover yourself. (TOV=telephone order verified)
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