anyone taken a break from nursing?

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    I was wondering if anyone took a break from nursing and went into another area or field, if so how was it? Did you stay or go back to nursing?
    Just curious.

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    I did. I worked at a cell phone call center for a while. Didn't last long though. I missed nursing too much. It's in my blood!
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    I was out of nursing for 7 years while I was home with my kids. I just went back to nursing about 3 months ago. I loved being able to be home with the kids it was such a blessing. I have to admit that going back to nursing I feel a bit more like myself again.
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    I took 2 breaks...the first one, I was off for 2 years and the second break, I was out for 2 and a half years.

    I just started back in Feb. The breaks were nice and it was great to be home with the kids....getting back to the bedside really reminds me how much I need to get an advanced degree!
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    I took a break once because I wasn't happy w/ the place I was working. I substitute taught for one of my friends going on maternity leave. One semester of Advanced Bio @ a Magnet High School. I loved teaching the 2 advanced classes, but I also had one regular class and a study hall. This school was in the inner-city. I ran, not walked, but ran back to nursing. I do admire those who can teach teens.
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    Just coming off an almost 2 year break. Was really burned out. I don't want to go back, but can't find a way to pay the bills any other way at this point. I'll break the chains one day though!
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    I have taken 2 breaks from nursing that lasted about a year each. I enjoyed the break but missed the challenge. Have been back for three years and not burned out yet, lol.
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    Interesting responses.
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    I am currently on break from nursing. My last job was in addictions nursing which was horrible. First, I don't believe people have addictions they make choices; then my supervisor never did anything regarding interpersonal conflicts, scheduling, etc. On top of that, an new grad LPN was appointed to be the charge nurse who wasn't even liscensed yet. I believe all of these components led to my burnout and I just now need time to regroup and figure out what I want. I still believe in the nursing profession and nurses in general and still have the desire to nurse. It doesn't hurt to get off the ride and take a look at the scenery.
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    Quote from handyrn
    I did. I worked at a cell phone call center for a while. Didn't last long though. I missed nursing too much. It's in my blood!
    It probably didn't help that working in a call center is satan's ass hole of jobs. Sorry, I have personal issues with this. LOL!
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