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Hello, I am wondering if there are any RN's out there, that work for the state as a surveyor and if you like your job? Can you tell me a little about your job? I have 20 yrs. of nursing experience as... Read More

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    I have small children and was just offered a surveyor job. Any advice? This sounds like a deal breaker, according to everyone above. I currently have two job offers on the table and am trying to decide between the two.

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    As a state surveyor in Texas, I am on the road A LOT.....if you have small children that is something you have to decide. One of my co-workers has small children, but her husband is a stay at home dad. Works for them. I love my job, but fortunately I'm able to travel, our kids are grown.
    The state benefits are wonderful!
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    Thank you. My husband is army- two travelling spouses would not work well! I appreciate the timely response.
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    I agree with CathRN. You would need to have very, very reliable childcare--you never know when a survey is going to go longer than planned. You will also have to start a few surveys at odd hours, such as weekends or 10 p.m.
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    Quote from finlyone
    I am so happy to know you are a LTC surveyor! I have questions for you Do you ever fine for not enough staff for a facility? I also wonder if you question how one nurse can care for (all) the patients safely in the limited time frame of one hour before and one hr after? Im not trying to attack you but I am amazed how many nurses complain on these sites and others yet no one seems to put a reasonable limit to nurse patient ratio. Eyes seem to close to the problem. I love nursing but find it is next to impossible to follow safety quidlines and please your facility at the same time. Who can help?
    I to am interested in what kind of solutions they have for these problems.
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