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I am an RN on a busy med-surg floor in a mid-sized hospital in the "bad" part of a southern city. I've been on the floor for a year, but also used to work on this floor as a new grad back in 2009 (I moved away from the area for a... Read More

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    I appreciate all of the responses and have been reading and taking in them all. To respond to a few things:

    I do fear SNFs and ALF, especially here in Florida where they have such bad reputations. I work with some CNAs who also work at several of the local "big" places and the things they tell me terrify me.

    Home health - have seriously thought about it. A huge need down here in geriatric land. The good companies seems to want HH experience. . .will continue to think about it.

    Case Management. Yes, have thought a LOT about that. I applied for a CM job at my hospital but they do not consider anyone with less than 5 yrs exp (I have 4). Have thought about Humana (they hire a lot locally). Maybe an 8-5 job is what I need these days.

    I don't have my BSN. I have a bachelors in a difference field (from my pre-nursing life) so I need to take 6 "bridge" classes in my NP program. The classes I am taking will transfer to the BSN if I choose to forgo the NP route and just get my BSN.

    Lots of options. Torn on the NP. Torn on spending the time and $$ if I am not sure it is something I want to do. Seems like I could have a good enough career without it.

    And you are all right that I am just tired and stressed. A lot going on. The father of my child is not local - but he does send child support.

    And about anti-depressants. I was on them for several years - the side effects were awful. I have tried 3 with difference experiences. They did make me less. . .sensitive to stress. . .but the side effects. . .I am scared to try again. Maybe I should look into it. I liked the idea of getting off of them, but must admit life has been harder without them.

    Thanks again, everyone
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    Gee, i felt this way before when i worked in home care as a visiting nurse, working 12 hour days and being paid per visit.
    Apart from that, education really is never a waste- nursing or otherwise, but the status of a degree or "open doors" don't or won't have a lot of personal meaning if you don't have the energy to feel them and are burnt .
    You certainly have a lot to think about with your choices for your future , that is positive.
    I actually wish I had more opportunity or choice. So do what's right for you.
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    People really like to speak of home health nursing as some sort of fake, cheap nursing gig, but I am a mother in my early 30's and I am a "REAL Case manager" as someone on this thread so lovingly knocked... and I love my job. I make $28/hr which to most seems like not much but in this area of the South (Louisiana) most hospital RN jobs start at $19/hr. I work M-F 8-4 but they don't mind if I get to work about 8:30 so I can drop my son off at school. I see my patients in the morning and get back about 11 and do paperwork the rest of the day, but I get to be out in the community, not stuck in a building all day. If I want to run some errands I can and they are cool with that as long as I get my paperwork done. No weekends (except that every 4th weekend on call).... It is very family friendly and you will be reimbursed for mileage and on call. And of course you will be able to form a lasting bond with your elderly patients. They will consider you a part of the family. There are nurses in their 60's working with only their diploma or ADN and they make $35/hr. May not be what the MSN or NP pays, but not bad Something to think about with your little one.
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    I totally get where you are coming from, but hang in there and don't give up. If you can afford it, cut down on your hours or even look into getting a different job. Nothing worthwhile is ever easy. You don't want to look back someday and question yourself as to why you never finished school. You can do this!!
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    You sound at your wit's end, and exhausted to boot. This is not a good combination for decision making that will affect your future and that of your young son. However, I agree with the posting about looking for a job where you work weekend nights, (which would mean your mom would sleep through part of the 'shift' of caring for her grandson, thus lessening the burden on her) and if you could get child care during the day so you could sleep on the weekend days, you could have the weekdays to do your schooling and paper writing, and still have time to enjoy your son. It might be worth looking into. I know some hosopitals are desperate for full time night weekend staff and will promise almost anything to get you to sign on the dotted line, to sign up and save their butts. Nights are usually not as crazy as day shifts either, in my experience, and while you are schooling yourself to be a NP, you could be earing premuim dollars, and not burdening your mom too much either. Might be a win/win situation.
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    I forced myself to go through nursing school at 48yrs old after being laid off from my job of 15 years - graduated when I was 50 -- if for nothing else, then for the $$ job security to retirement. You do not like your job - you are schooling for NP / masters --- you have a child -- if for nothing else, then stay with it for the $$ job security for your child. Think back to your first nursing job -- weren't you thrown in after a few weeks of actual training, & left to sink or swim? Then it should be no problem as a NP --- You know your job, you know what you are doing --- get that education - support that child & when you are old & grey (50+) you can smile while you are telling your child to keep going - cheering her on to stay strong - & promising her it WILL be worth it!!! Do it now - so you aren't wishing you had & then realize you have to finish anyways!!!
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    Many good suggestions and loving comments. If it hasn't already been said, talk with EAP at your facility. I found the three appointments very beneficial for me to take some time with a knowledgeable person to sort a few things out and help me figure what would work for me at my point in my life.
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    I'm a new nurse and already have that problem. The answer for me was to go with 8 hour shifts, so I can see my kids every day for more than an hour.
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    !Well it is hard work==perhaps for the time your son is so small you could pick a 8 hour schedule or you could choose to work part time and be a bit poorer. There are many choices for you. If you quit entirely what would you do ? You would have to choose something at less pay. One thing, you are lucky for your mother but she cannot do the 12 hr shifts either. So, I wish you good luck in finding work that will allow you also to be a good parent. There are many people who have traveled this path--perhaps HR at your work could help you sort it out. Good luck---something good might happen just around the corner!
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    Just wanted to follow up on my OP. Thanks to a nasty virus, I had to take a few days off from work during the same period that my child's father was in town to watch my son. This led to me being able to actually SLEEP. . .a lot. . .and read some novels. . .and get caught up on school work. .and go for a few walks. . .

    and I feel so much better about everything.

    I am going to stay at my current job (where the people are nice and know me well) and stay in school. You are all right that school will pay off in the long run.

    I am also going to put my son in school 3 days a week starting in Jan (he is 2) for about 6 hrs a day and use that time to do school work, exercise and SLEEP. His father has agreed to pay half the cost of the school (we think it will be good for him, too, to be around other children)

    I am still stressed and tired and dreadfully out of shape. . but I feel better having had a few days of respite.

    So thank you everyone for your advice and kind words.
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