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  1. 0 I think that's the name of the magazine? Anyway, it's a magazine for travel nurses, and I just got the latest issue, and there's an article about "social networking" for nurses, and of course, was mentioned as the most active/popular!

    They even had a quote from someone whose username I recognize!
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    Hey anyway you could post a URL???

    Thanks so much.
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    life is fun and quirky sometimes.
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    There is some "social networking" going on but their is even more "professional networking". They way I understand the term "social networking" is that it is merely a lot of people getting together and "shooting the breeze"(an old fashioned term I know). This site is a lot more heavy duty than just social exchange. I am sure careers and even lives have been saved, not to mention sanity.
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    AN admin staff were interviewed in the fall about social and professional networking and how our site contributed to the exchange of nursing information.
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