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Hi! I am new to this site. I am a pre-nursing student completing my prerequisite classes so i can apply to my schools nursing program. and I have just been browsing through many posts on here like alot of the discussions about... Read More

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    dorselm, thanks for your wonderful indepth reply! my school covers pretty much all of that stuff you mentioned, but i think the course numbers must be very different. my school goes only up to NUR 200's. but reading through their catologue about the course descriptions they cover pretty much all of what you have described to me. i am taking a med terms and pharmacology class prior to begining the nursing program. They said also once your accepted there is one 5 week long nursing class devoted to drug calculations that you take prior to the actual nursing courses.

    sometime after i graduate and get my ADN i plan to attend the university in my area, VCU, that is rated one of the best medical university in the nation to get my BSN. I have browsed through through catologue of nursing classes and they go all the way up to NUR 700's.

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