Acne laser tx - effective?

  1. Does anyone have experience with laser treatments for acne? Specifically to treat red marks and large pores? What have you found to be most effective? What are some good websites that may lead me to greater information?

    As a stressed-out pre-nursing student, mine has flared up significantly with large cysts and dark red marks (some of which have been here for years!). I am looking into various ways to treat it, and also to learn a little bit more about how acne works. I am hoping to arm myself with a little bit more knowledge so I can make my own educated decision on what the better options are.

    I have done some Googling, and found some legitimate information, but for every good resource, I've found MANY bad ones: mostly from plastic surgeons' advertisements and propaganda, which is NOT helpful and further confuses me. I feel like I cannot get an unbiased yet educated answer from any dermatologist. Many try to pump their own products and sell you a lot of (sometimes ineffective...and expensive) treatments, and care little about your results.

    Websites such as have been somewhat helpful, but MANY of the posters on that site have some really ridiculous "cures" for acne: anything from drinking an "unknown Chinese herbal potion" to urine therapy (no joke). A poster there gave a negative review on laser acne treatments by saying that he had "cellular necrosis" 3 years after he got a laser tx. Uh...what?

    I saw a dermatologist's website talk about a "Pro-Lite laser facial rejuvenation therapy", but I can't find any corroborating information about it's efficacy. (Odd.) What websites would be best to track down this kind of information? There's so many options, and I can't seem to narrow down what's bunk!

    All of this has made me very interested in a dermatology specialty when I (eventually) graduate because of how it hits home, but if there's no hope for acne and no good treatment, maybe I should consider psychology instead!

    Anyway, thanks in advance!
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  3. by   VioletKaliLPN
    I never had acne, and all of a sudden it started. It is related to the stress hormone cortisol, btw, a neat fact I learned.

    I got an RX of Retin A micro, and within 2 weeks I am clear. As a bonus, my skin is much softer. The OTC treatments are not right for my skin, so I cannot use them.
  4. by   whiskeygirl
    I would try the A.D.A. There is a Dermatology Nurses Association you could join.
  5. by   kgoode0919
    I have cystic or nodular acne. The only thing that helped me was Ziana (topical tx) and Claravis (generic Accutane pill). Both were from a Derm. They are very expensive, so try them if you have insurance!
  6. by   ToxicShock
    I'm allergic to clindamycin unfortunately, and I my acne problem isn't so much with the break outs, but with the red marks/scars that it has left behind. Thank you for the suggestion though

    @whiskeygirl - I'll take a look at the Dermatology Nurses Association. Good call!
  7. by   itsmejuli
    I had cystic acne below my mouth for decades and had several scars. It didn't matter what I tried on my face nor what medications I took, the acne would not go away.

    I had laser treatment for my cystic acne and scars about 7 years ago. I don't remember the name of the specific laser treatment but I can tell you that I had great results.

    I looked a mess for a few days after the treatment then the burnt skin fell off. It took about 6 months to really see a difference in the appearance of my skin. I also did not get any more cystic acne, but that could be because around the same time I had a hysterectomy and my hormones changed.

    The issue I have now is premature deep wrinkles due to the scarring of the skin from the acne. I'm considering another laser treatment
  8. by   traumaRUs
    We can not provide medical advice. What worked for one person might not work for another.

    We urge you to contact aboard certified dermatologist.