Absurd medical abbreviations - page 2

What is the worst you have seen?I think mine is , as a new nurse I saw an order for LOC PRN. I'm thinking level of consciousness as needed??? Turned out doc meant lazative of choice !:chuckle... Read More

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    I loved the MTBFU story!

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    Quote from StudentNurseForever
    Why can't we just make it easy and say BS for blood sugar??? ha ha!
    Because someone would listen to the patient's lungs. Or auscultate the abdomen. Or think you were referring to a college degree. The acronyms have gone crazy, I tell ya!
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    How about PROM? During my last clinical round (on a med/surg/rehab floor) it caused some confusion...to the students, it meant 'passive range of motion', to our instructor it meant 'premature rupture of membranes' and we always had to give her a moment to go "wait, what? oh yeah, rehab!"

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