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  1. 0 Is there a list or a central place where I can find whT all the abbreviations are that are used here. I know a lot pertain to nursing terms but I just didn't want to have to google each one if there was a central place of them. For example I was reading a post that said, "I'm an FNP..." I just don't know what some of the posts are referring to. Any help is greatly appreciated! Oh and I'm not yet a nursing student, I will be applying for fall next year!
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    FNP is Family Nurse Practitioner (Masters or Doctorate in Nursing)
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    We need reminding now and then to define abbreviations on first use in a post for this reason. Not all of our readers are experienced, and some aren't even in school yet. Thanks for the reminder.
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    Ask .....tell them you are new and want to know what what thing mean...nurses like to teach. Google is a good resource and I sometimes have to ask or Google them myself

    Medical abbrevations.....
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    Quote from GrnTea
    ... define abbreviations on first use in a post...
    Great rule, Green!
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    Thank you all so much for the info and replies!