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This is an interesting debate. One that can have multiple pros and cons. In essence, can one be a nurse and view it as just another day, a job, a paycheck, a means to an alternate end? Can we care for patients without really... Read More

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    I was an RN for 41 years , my goal was to treat each of my patients like I would want my daughters treated. I loved being there for my patients and loved even more that they knew that I was there for them. They were my focus even if it meant going without lunch or breaks, I was willing to do that for them and more. It wasn't their fault that the hospital was hung up on numbers and profit margins instead of the patients and the staffs well being. I worked with nurses who sat at the desk on the phones, playing games on the computer, reading , going out to smoke every hour, taking extended breaks and lunches etc while their patients suffered from neglect the entire shift. I liked having a clear conscience at the end of the shift that I had done the best that I could for my patients to keep them safe.

    I remember one time that a nurse like the ones I mentioned above kept saying during report "I have hardly had to move all night, you have a great section, even Elizabeth has behaved all night with an O2 sat of 98%". I immediately got up and asked that nurse to record the rest of her report because I was going to go check on Elizabeth (our frequent flyer) because I have never known of her to have a sat that high. When I walked into Elizabeths room she started reaching for me, she did indeed have an O2 sat of 98%, however, her respiatory rate was 60 and she was diaphoretic. ABG's were done stat , her pH was 7, co2 60, she was immediately intubated and placed on a vent. Yes indeed, she had behaved the entire shift and hadn't caused that nurse any problems at all.

    I wanted to be a caring nurse who gave optimal patient care, I hope to at least be remembered for that.

    Nursing is very difficult but can be rewarding as well.
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