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  1. marable

    I just need to vent

    This cna is trouble ....Two nurses have already had trouble with her , she has stopped speaking to two of you? Why don't all of the nurses go to talk with the nurse manager about this cna and all of you stick together....Believe me, I have worked with people like this and they are out to cause as much trouble and conflict as they possibly can...Get this resolved sooner than later....
  2. marable

    Allegation of Neglect

    Why would you say that you did not measure the narcotic before giving it to the patient if you measured it? I just do not understand this....I am like the previous commentors, I would shut up and get an attorney even if you think you cannot afford one ....
  3. marable

    Celebrate Our LPN/LVNs October 7-13, 2018

    I was an LPN for 15 years prior to becoming an RN....Love LPN's....
  4. marable

    Why the double standard.

    So agree with you ...I don't mind helping a male nurse but I have worked with male nurses who had the female nurses doing injections, catheterizations , ng tube insertions , etc but NEVER return the favor and more often than not are piled up in an empty room watching tv.....Most of the time we would have 8 or 9 patients a piece and then to have to take care of half of these male nurses patients plus your own is just too much...
  5. marable

    Struggles of being a male nurse

    If only the male nurses would return the favor...I worked with two male nurses who always needed help with their female patients , even when giving im injections... We not only had to take care of our patients but had to available for their every need when it came to their female patients ....Ask one of them to do a male catheterization , we could forget it....We had a lot of uneeded conflict between the female/male nurses as the male nurses did not offer and showed an attitude when we asked for help with our male patients....
  6. marable

    Am I overreacting?

    The hospital where I worked had protocols that were used as an order sheet for a patient on an epidural drip , signed by the doctor with any changes that he wanted....When I precepted new nurses my patients were still my responsibility...When I had patients returned from surgery/pacu I assessed my post op patients ...Instructed the new nurse to assess the patient and chart her findings , then , I reviewed what she had charted and signed behind her and possibly made my own note entry if she did not address it...As a nurse there will always be things that present themselves that you are not familiar with ....Follow your hospital protocol ...Ask for help from more experienced nurses ...If the nurses on the unit with you don't have experience then call another unit and ask for help...
  7. marable

    Vancomycin IV solution changed color?

    I would have stopped the discolored infusion and called pharmacy....I have never seen Vancomycin do that...
  8. marable

    Heparin bolus administration

    Never heard of giving a heparin bolus sq....The policy where I worked was to give the heparin bolus iv push and then follow protocol as to when to draw ptt labs and change heparin drip rates ....
  9. marable

    Insulin error

    When I worked on a diabetic unit we treated low blood sugars with milk and a half cheese sandwich , cheese crackers or peanut butter and crackers ...Just giving juice raised the blood sugar quickly then the blood sugar bottomed out again that is why is is better to give complex carbs since the blood sugar was 66 there was no need to raise the blood sugar quickly with juice...I would not have given the Humalog insulin to sliding scale with a blood sugar of 66...
  10. marable

    Help I made a huge med error!!

    Where did the narcotic go that you got out but did not administer? You said that you signed that you gave it but didn't ....You could have errored out the dose that you said you administered but didn't and return the narcotic to the narcotic box....If something happened to the narcotic there should have been a waste form filled out as to what happened to the drug....
  11. The last few years that I worked in an acute care facility I stopped accepting students....They were never on time, I had gotten my report and started assessing my patients and would have to stop to give them a report....Even though the students came in to review their patients charts the day before clinical they were never prepared, most did not know what the medications were for, ie, did not know the difference between a colace or MS Contin.....Their instructors would come in and pile up in the nursing lounge(it was not my job to teach their students clinical)....The students never once helped pass a tray or take a patient a glass of water....Most of the students huddled up in corners (cute girls and handsome male students) flirting and giggling talking about what they were going to do on their next dates....I got to where I could not handle it ....I suggest that a student come in prepared , know what your patients diagnosis is and how to take care of them, look up their medications ....Be ready to answer the staff nurses questions about your patient ....We were told to let the student do procedures like catheterizations yet they had no concept of how to do it ....This is a great story about a student nurse and their instructor I had a male homosexual patient once who had been in a relationship with his lover for nearly 40 years , they had had anal sex for years so this patients anus was very dilated ....My nurse manager calls me into her office one day and asks me when I was going to call our wound care nurse to look at this man's sacral wound ...I told her that I had been giving that man a complete bed bath and he did not have a bed sore , she said the student and instructor had reported me because I was not providing wound care on this patient .....The next day when the instructor and student came in I took them into that patients room and asked them to show me the decubitus, they searched and searched , low and behold NO DECUBITUS....I then asked them to follow me where I took them into the nurse managers office and had them explain about the so called bed sore that I was not providing wound care for.....Nursing students were exhausting ....I had eight or nine patients that I had to provide total care on each day and then the nursing instructors thought I was going to teach their unprepared students how to be a nurse ....I simply could not do it anymore....Sorry....
  12. marable

    Staff attacked by resident

    In my experience a lot of these angry patients know exactly what they are doing...On the unit I worked on we had an HIV pos . patient who liked to spit on the staff...One day I could tell he was getting ready to spit on me...I told him that he did not want to spit on me as I was not going to be like the other nurses whom he had spat upon before that when he spit on me I was going to clock out and go to the sherriffs office and have a warrant for his arrest made for attempted murder because he was HIV positive....I meant that , I would have gotten an attorney and would have done anything that I possibly could legally....He never spit on me , he knew exactly what he was doing....
  13. marable

    Is it possible to be accepted without the prerequisite

    If you have no medical experience I would highly suggest that you get all of your prerequsites out of the way BEFORE beginning your RN program ....I was an LPN for 15 years , challenged a couple of years in the RN program that I was in due to my LPN experience ....The RN program was difficult even for me with my LPN experience AND all of my prerequsites out of the way , those students without any medical background , taking their prerequsites along with their RN courses had a very difficult time....
  14. marable

    Terminated/Resigned after 1 week orientation in the ED

    When I first became a nurse one had to have at least two years of med/surg nursing before being considered for speciality units....I still think that this is the way it should be as experience is as valuable in being a nurse as the nursing education processs....
  15. marable

    Math question help please!

    When I worked in critical care where I had to calculate mcgs/ kg I used critical care drug calculation formulas that I had taped to the back of a small calculator at all times....What is the correct answer to this question if 115.6 is incorrect?