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when dad was ill, my sister went to the hospital and told everyone that she was a nurse and she'd be watching them. she is a nurse -- sort of. she's a "gucci nurse". she comes to work in her gucci... Read More

  1. by   royhanosn
    how sensitive nurses have become these days! bullying will always be around, lateral violence? speak plain english.
    ego's will always be abound in nursing! some doctors will bastards to deal with (their ego), some dr are great.
    we have a lot of indian dr here, they should leave their attitude toward females nurses back home.
  2. by   sunflowerross
    Quote from sleepysnr
    I think the writer was just trying to tell a story about her experience and a compliment that someone gave her
    Love this comment!

    It feels so good to have a well-deserved compliment. Thank you Ruby for sharing--I enjoyed your story. It brought a happy emotion in me. I recently had an active dying hospice pt in my care, keeping him as comfortable as possible. His room was full of family members grateful for the care he was getting. Then a new face entered the room, I never saw her before. She asked not long after she entered the room, "Doesn't he have something more for pain!?!" After her comment I told her "he recently had meds; as well, my assessment of him he is comfortable with no indications of pain or discomfort." She responded, "Well, I'm an oncology nurse and see this probably more than you, I feel he needs more meds."

    It was handled in a professional way later outside of the room--respectfully.

    Just another example; it's always a good idea to try to separate your roll in health-care from the roll of a pt family member. It's not a healthy situation if you are unable to separate these two rolls.

    Thanks again for sharing your story.
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  3. by   movingtotnasap
    I hope your dad is doing well. I totally understand the gucci nurse. Her heart is in the right place, but oh so far away from reality. Its not news that hospitals have policies, and rules. The bed side nurse usually does not make the bed assignment, or choose the food, or decide what time housekeeping will be around. We all would love a perfect day. Gucci nurses, on the other hand, only see what administration wants. UGH!! how far from reality is that. Personally I am so sick and tired of having the insane run the insane asylum. Our CEO just got a 200k bonus, and a 3 percent raise. Ticked everyone off, he got that money because the hospital staff improved the patient satisfaction scores. But there was no mention of how well the staff did. No bonuses for the staff, minimal raises, which once upon a time we were promised would be every January. Yep 5000 people all getting their raises at the same time. Now we are lucky if we get out raises in April or May. But I digress...I will take a real nurse anyday over a policy making, research reading, out of touch with the staff in the trenches nurse.
  4. by   martinalpn
    What bothers me the most is those one the bottom tske all the risk and those higher up receive all the prestige I get downright angry with the unrealistic expectations of management how can one person take care of their pts according to the bd of nrsg. To at the top say get it done but do not provide enough staff to get it done can I get some more help done here please ill take more help any day of the risk if you speak up and out you are a trouble maker now that bites and I find myself having to bite my tongue to keep from being unprofessional and the unrealistic expectations of family members as well I am only one person doing my very best
  5. by   royhanosn
    most people in management are at their level of incompetence..aka Peter Principle.
    To show their awkwardness, have an executive or manager work your level, they cant do it.