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  1. by   bethchpn
    Small town in Oregon, 44 yrs nursing experience, 16 yrs at this hospital. Close to top salary (one more step to go) 48.31/hr. Oncology certified so 1.50/hr more. No weekends, call and 8-5. Best job I have had in all my years of nursing. Salary isn't everything. Great coworkers, atmosphere and boss really makes the difference. Average house is 250-350K.
  2. by   Strassers
    Bozeman, MT Med/surg RN BSN $25.25/hr +health benefits (however the benefits cost $200+ per paycheck) working for 1+ year.
  3. by   Noblesquire
    Quote from HDFXDWGRN
    It's not all relative. In and around San Fran, San Diego, or L.A., yes, but not where we live. In the midwest where pay is dismal, a comparable house is close to what it is here. Plenty of nice homes in my ZIP code for less than $350,000. I lived and worked in 9 states and D.C. This is by far the best pay for the lowest cost of living. A new nurse at our facility starts out with 4.5 weeks PTO a year. Takes me 20 minutes to drive to work, no traffic jams, toll roads, etc.

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    What is the average pay of an acute care RN where you work?