Where Do Most Nurses Work?

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Where Do Most Nurses Work?

One of the questions we queried our audience about was what type of facility do you work at? For-Profit or Not-For-Profit? Slightly more than half of our 18,600 respondents work at a not-for-profit institution.

Then we coupled this with another question: What type of environment do you work in? Again, not too surprising 56% of the nurses that answered our survey say they work at a hospital. The second highest group works for long term care facilities. I guess it shouldn't be a big surprise since the baby boomers are reaching the senior adult status in mass numbers and are requiring care provided by LTCs.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 61% of US nurses are employed by hospitals. This is quite similar to our survey where 56% of the respondents said they worked in a hospital.

A tandem question on our survey asked: Do you work full time or part time?


The responses were as follows:

  • 82% work full-time
  • 11% work part time
  • 7% work another schedule

This somewhat mirrored Dept of Labor stats:

76% work full-time

16% work part time which includes all schedules except full time

Both surveys show that most nurses work full-time. Do you work full-time by choice or necessity?


Doing a search on allnurses provided many topics on the subject. And while there are many schedules to accommodate many situations, most of us agree that flexibility is one reason to be a nurse.

What is your ideal schedule?

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Specializes in Geriatrics, Dialysis.

I work in a SNF. The biggest change in our population I have noticed in recent years is that we no longer get as many post knee or hip surgical patients. These admissions used to be by far our most common short term rehab residents. It seems most of these relatively stable patients now go directly home and do their rehab via outpatient or in home therapy. About the only post surgical admits we get now are those that had some complications. Most commonly post-op infections requiring IV antibiotics and/or complicated or frequent dressing changes.

I would be curious to see in the coming years how many more nurses are working in the home health setting since insurance doesn't seem to cover in facility rehab like it used to.

Specializes in ICU-my whole life!!.

Is there a 2014 survey data results article? I'd like to see it.