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[Rant] Not hireable because of a VOLUNTARY accreditation

  1. 0 I've been interviewing over the last couple weeks for a great position at a large research and teaching hospital near me. I was really excited because I the interviews went excellent, the benefits were amazing, and it was only 10 minutes away (versus where I currently work over an hour away at a small regional hospital with no autonomy).

    I was told I would hear back this week, and I waited all week, finally emailing the recruiter today to see if there was any change. She called and informed that although my references were excellent, my experience good, and that the manager loved me, I was not hireable because the institution I attended for my ADN did not have the ACEN accreditation - a voluntary third party accreditation.

    I'm partially angry because I feel like I was strung along on the interviews - why waste the time of me and three other managers if I couldn't be hired? - but also because I have the same license as every other ADN RN in this state.

    I feel like I've done everything for the past 5 years - I graduated with a 4.0, I tutored, I precepted, I mentor, I volunteer, I have solid experience, and I finally get a shot at a good job that would give me the benefits and pay I need and I job that I could be more excited about, and I'm going to get held back because of a hard-line policy about a voluntary accreditation.

    I'm in the process of getting my BSN - and she stated I could apply again when I've finished that (because, god help me, THEN I'd have the right accreditation for them). I'm just a little brokenhearted - and mildly disgusted.

    Thanks for listening
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    I am sorry this happend to you.
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    Sounds like human resources is at fault on this one!
    They should have verified the necessary credentials before putting you through the selection process.

    I've noted HR is a huge stumbling block in the hiring process. I think it's because they are NOT professionals.

    I feel the pain from here, but you know you have the right stuff!

    Hoping that brass ring comes around soon!

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    That sucks - but I'm a believer that everything happens for a reason. The right thing will come along.
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    I think you're underestimating the importance of having an accredited degree. ACEN, formerly known as NLNAC, is the primary accreditation body for ADN programs. Depending on why a school isn't accredited, you may also be unable to get licensed in many States. It can also make it difficult to pursue further education, including a BSN, so if you're already doing that I would stick with that plan and rely on that.
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    Yep, similar thing happened to me twice. Once after I was offered a job! Totally frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!