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Hello everyone, Just wanted to say that I came back from a SANE training in Atlanta and it was wonderful. I'm now on my way to becoming a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner(SANE). If this is something... Read More

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    I am also looking into sane nursing in phx, is there anyone who knows if we take the 40 hr course in las vegas, will we be valid to sit for the same exam? I did find a course oct 4 - 8 for sane adult/adolescent training course.
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    There is a sane adult/adolescent training course in las vegas oct 4 -8th, but im not sure if it is valid for arizona. I am also trying to get certified in phx, its difficult to find the information. Good Luck!
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    Does anyone know of any SANE program near Charlottesville, VA. Thanks, vc
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    Where in Madison, WI is training available and how long does it take?
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    Quote from dhetzel
    Where in Madison, WI is training available and how long does it take?
    To you and anyone else looking for training programs in the US, I'd look at the sane-sart site. It has a program locator. Either way, it looks like Meriter Hospital has a SANE program in your area. The contact info is on this site as well.
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    Hello can you tell me where in Madison you took your training as a SANE nurse? I live in Wisconsin and just learned about this in nursing school. I want to receive this training as well. As a new graduate in 12/11. do you think I can go directly into this training or do I need work experience first?
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    Yes, Meriter Hospital is where the SANE nurses practice in Madison. I think they currently have a position open too so you may want to apply? I'm not sure if you need any experience or not. Good luck to you!