What's the job market like in Florida right now? New grad.

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    Hi y'all. Contemplating moving from NY to Florida. Job situation any better there for new grad? No experience. I would love to start out in Med/Surg.


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    There's a lot of great schools and hospitals in Jacksonville flash
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    Blue, get ready for sticker shock - pay in Florida will be drastically less than NY, for the same job. I relocated to FL from PA, and moved back up north again. Job market was bad when I left, but it would depend where you are looking in FL. Do you have any ideas yet? Culture is very different, but there are lots of NYers in South Florida, on the ocean side. It's nickname is "NY South"
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    I'm a new grad as well. Starting pay is around $23
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    Also consider if you have an ADN or BSN. Many new grads in Florida have their BSN and often have experience working locally. Just remember how competitive the areas can get. Good luck!
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    Thanks for your advice all!
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    I'm in Miami and it's HORRIBLE here! I have been looking for work since last June. And I'm not picky either. I'll spin signs on a corner for anyone who will hire me as an RN. It's bad...
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    New grads in orlando make around $21 & there are TONS of nursing schools. They are pushing them out nurses SO fast & it's a pain! some hospitals are already "familiar" with the area nursing schools so they give those GNs jobs.

    Also, I have friends that were techs and still have not found GN jobs. It depends on your luck, I guess!
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    Quote from NursesNeedFriendsToo
    New grads in orlando make around $21 & there are TONS of nursing schools.
    Is that $21/hour or $21K?
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    Quote from mrsbacktoschool

    Is that $21/hour or $21K?
    $21/hr in the Orlando area at least

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