University of Miami accelerated BSN 2012

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    Anyone applying to the University of Miami ABSN program for next summer 2012?

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    bump! no one is applying here?
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    I just applied last week to the spring 2012 cohort.
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    oh you did! Good luck!! How was the application process? Did you need letters of recommendation? I am thinking about january admission as well, but probably will apply for may. Is this your first choice?
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    Thank you for the well wishes. The process wasnt painful. I did need one recommendation letter. The application fee was 70 bucks yikes. I applied for january. I haven't finished all of my prereqs yet. Im taking micro apII and nutrition this fall.

    My choices go in this sequence:
    Winston Salem
    George Washington
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    Yea, I don't think their program is super complicated to apply for. I just don't know about the admissions process. If you get in for spring are you going to attend. According to your list it looks like you prefer to stay in the East/Northeast...burrrrrr lol. I think i'll be applying to Duke as well but for fall. Are you applying for spring for that school as well? From what i have heard UM is a good school and in a great area with good weather, which is always a plus. Are you planning on getting your BSN, working and then going back for the NP?
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    It will revolve around what other schools i get accepted to for the spring. UM is extremely expensive. But if that is the only school I get accepted to in the spring then I will be in UM. I'm trying to start a nursing program as soon as possible.
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    i know what you mean about getting started, hehe....golly it is super expensive i know, but rather than waiting and waiting to get into a cheaper program that may be more impacted, i feel it might be either cost efficient. Let me know if you get into UM! Maybe i'll see u there in the future
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    Hey! I applied to UM for next spring. I'm super nervous because it's my first choice. I live here in Miami and I really want to stay here, but I'll do just about anything to get into nursing school asap! lol does any one know anything about what pre-req and cum GPA's are competitive ones for this program?
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    Hello I got accepted into UM for Spring 2012 accelerated program. I am looking into getting an apartment down there hopefully with a roommate. Did any one else get in?

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