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  1. UPenn MSN NP 2021

    I currently live in jersey and going to penn. Because of virtual learning, I can do that. But once we have in person classes, I will be commuting.
  2. Upenn NP Core Courses

    Thanks for your helpful input.
  3. Upenn NP Core Courses

    Please help
  4. Any U Penn Students/Grads?

    I just got accepted. hopefully I will love it
  5. Penn MSN 2020

    I got accepted. Yay!! Im soooooo happy. I really didn't think I could get accepted to an Ivy league school, but I did. I wish you all the best and please lets keep each other lifted in prayer and in encouragement. I will surely need it.
  6. UPenn MSN NP 2021

    I applied for the Spring semester. I haven't heard anything back yet though. Keeping my fingers crossed. Im so nervous. How are you guys going to pay for your education there? Its another daunting thing on my mind.
  7. Upenn NP Core Courses

    Hello everyone, Could someone who currently or has gone to U penn answer this question for me please. I don't know which class to take, NURS 547 Scientific Inquiry for Evidence-based Practice or NURS 637 Introduction to Research Methods and Desi...
  8. Penn MSN 2020

    Thank you so much for your response. I have not been accepted yet. But I am hoping that I will. Does anyone know about the financial aid situation?
  9. Penn MSN 2020

    For those of you who have been accepted, how is the program? Is it worth the price? Do you feel that you are getting the IVY league experience? Did you make a good decision by going to upenn
  10. Nurse Practitioner Called a Drug-Dealer at Sentencing

    She should be sentenced. But not for 10 years. That’s overkill.
  11. im Currently searching for an NP program that has clinicals embedded in the program. Meaning that the school has the responsibility of finding clinical sites and a preceptor for me. And honestly I have found very few schools who will take that respon...
  12. So I did my MPH through liberty University and they were very unhelpful when it came to getting clinical sites to log in my clinical hours that were required for the program. I was able to secure a clinical site and had to pay for my clinicals at the...
  13. Prescribing Narcotics for Pt with Drug Abuse Hx

    I don't think the original post was judgmental. I think its a legitimate questions if the doctors have posted this note all over the patient's chart. I think I would also question why so many high dose strong narcotics have been ordered for the patie...
  14. Typical Day in outpatient pain management?

    I worked in a pain management clinic and boy oh boy will people be manipulative to get drugs. But as the previous poster stated, you have to be suspicious of everyone. But I really actually enjoyed working in a pain management clinic.
  15. Pain mgmt certification

    I'm interested in finding out about this as well.