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  1. im Currently searching for an NP program that has clinicals embedded in the program. Meaning that the school has the responsibility of finding clinical sites and a preceptor for me. And honestly I have found very few schools who will take that responsibility. They always email me back that it is the responsibility of the student to find clinical sites. I couldn’t believe that even seton hall. With how expensive their program is, doesn’t find clinicals for their students. It’s so annoying and I am not trying to go through that stress.
  2. So I did my MPH through liberty University and they were very unhelpful when it came to getting clinical sites to log in my clinical hours that were required for the program. I was able to secure a clinical site and had to pay for my clinicals at the site. Fortunately, it wasn't too expensive. But then it makes you think, what am I paying for if I still had to come out of my pocket to get a clinical site. I paid $150 a month for this site and made it that I was able to get all my clinical hours in two months. At first it was going to drag on for three months. Which would have meant more money to spend, so I scheduled myself so that I could get all the hours in two months. It was tough but worth it.
  3. BellaNoor

    Prescribing Narcotics for Pt with Drug Abuse Hx

    I don't think the original post was judgmental. I think its a legitimate questions if the doctors have posted this note all over the patient's chart. I think I would also question why so many high dose strong narcotics have been ordered for the patient if they didn't try another route. Pain management is a tricky field.
  4. BellaNoor

    Typical Day in outpatient pain management?

    I worked in a pain management clinic and boy oh boy will people be manipulative to get drugs. But as the previous poster stated, you have to be suspicious of everyone. But I really actually enjoyed working in a pain management clinic.
  5. BellaNoor

    Pain mgmt certification

    I'm interested in finding out about this as well.
  6. Hello Everyone, I was wondering if their are any NP Adult programs that have a specialty in pain management. I am interested in applying to AGPCNP specializing in pain management. Greatly appreciated.
  7. BellaNoor

    Rutgers DNP/FNP spring 2019

    Also did they schedule your clinical sites and preceptor for you? Can you take any classes online or are all of the classes in person?
  8. BellaNoor

    Rutgers DNP/FNP spring 2019

    Thank you for responding Barbara. I want to apply for the Spring 2021 cohort. I'm really nervous about it. Are you at the new Brunswick campus or Newark?
  9. BellaNoor

    Rowan University AC-AGNP Program, NJ

    Bump. How was the program? Any regrets? Did you find that this is a quality program?
  10. BellaNoor

    NYU adult np pros and cons

    interested in knowing how the program at Monmouth is.
  11. BellaNoor

    Monmouth Unversity MSN

    interested in this question
  12. BellaNoor

    Anybody attend TCNJ -NP/MSN program

    Also interested
  13. BellaNoor

    Rutgers DNP/FNP spring 2019

    How is the program so far? Do you find that it is a quality program?
  14. BellaNoor

    Rutgers DNP

    Also interested in this program. Any information would be helpful.
  15. BellaNoor

    Liberty University MSN-DNP Program

    So this may or may not be helpful. But I went to Liberty University to get my MPH and I actually enjoyed the program very much. The only issue is that like so many online programs, I was responsible for finding my clinical site which was a nightmare. I literally came to the end of my program and the only thing stopping me from finishing was that I could not find a clinical site. I was lucky to have finally found one, but I had to pay. So I would suggest finding a program that will find your clinical sites for you if clinical hours are required for the DNP. Liberty University is NOT helpful with that .
  16. BellaNoor

    Wagner College question

    I'm also interested in this school?

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