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if anyone got into um nursing program post here. :redpinkhe introduce yourself!... Read More

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    Hi swimicatz, I have been searching all the threads for any information concerning the fbi fingerprinting clearance as I am currently being told that my clearance is still missing. I plan to start in the Fall/August 2010--the American Databank agency confirmed they were received and sent to the FBI July 2nd. I read one of your post concerning this and wanted to know if you ran into any delays or troubles with this? Thank you so much for any information or advise you can give!! The school is not being very helpful....

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    So much has happened since then I don't exactly remember all I can tell you is I had to have my fingerprints done twice because the police officer in training didn't do them properly and they were unreadable... sorry I can't be of any more help. Good luck!
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    Hi Hoya2009. I'm in the exact same boat. The FBI didn't receive my fingerprints until July 2nd and I haven't been cleared either. I just got back from the school of nursing and spoke to the associate dean and said to not give up hope. She said they've never dropped anyone from the program for that reason, but another guy said that they would let students know whether or not they will be dropped during orientation. Looks like it's a waiting game until then...
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    I too had my info received by the FBI on July 2. American Data Bank now says it takes 8-12 weeks. I'm getting worried. Anyone have any other feedback on theirs?

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