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HI:) I am an undergraduate student at UCF right now and will soon be graduating with my degree in Psychology. I am applying to UF's accelerated BSN program for Fall 2012. My first year of... Read More

  1. by   poodle5
    this is going to sound weird but I just have to express by love for all nurses...i swear its the only place on the internet where people can talk to anonymous people and be considerate. Also I learn all sorts of things on here...i'd be lost without it
  2. by   VTN2B
    Oh boy - I was not prepared to have to be CPR certified before the program starts! I already have CPR skills so it's not that - it's paying for and really finding somewhere to get certified in less than a month along with rearranging schedules and finances and letting my employer know etc ... But I guess freaking out isn't helping either
  3. by   marta1408
    I would go by what Ken had said. Someone on here said that they talked to him and that they were already loooking at our apps so it's most likely still going to be the beginning of April. Wish it was sooner though
  4. by   marta1408
    quote from samiam856
    i don't see how it can be mid-april....don't we have to have a drug screening, background check, immunization form, orientation? i mean don't get me wrong, i'll hop right to it...i just don't see how it's possible for everyone.....especially those who have gotten in other places?
    samiam- where did you find all this info? is the school providing the testing, background checks, etc? or are we paying for it all?

    i'm 99% sure that we have to pay for it all. you do if you apply to sf college
  5. by   tebowlover
    this is frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. by   samiam856
    I would assume that we would pay for it. I know I had to pay for CPR training. UF doesn't have stuff listed on their site but all of the other nursing programs I applied to have those things listed.

    It is frustrating, and I can only pray for good news.

    Are those of you who got into other programs accepting? Or waiting for UF to hopefully answer soon.
  7. by   seaglassgreen
    I'm waiting in hopes of hearing from Ken next week. If I don't hear from them, I'll plan on accepting UNF- I'm leaning that way now, but it would be nice to have both options available. I don't understand how they're doing this, with all the other programs needing acceptance before they send out decisions.
  8. by   samiam856
    I thought maybe UF had spring break this week and that's why we haven't heard, but their break was March 3-10.

    They are at least looking at them to see if we're missing anything so my guess is that the review has to be sooner than later. Last year decisions went out around this week or next.
  9. by   K2012
    Yeah it was just a lady in the office that told me mid-april so no one official. I'm still thinking early April we will find out. I'm hoping we find out by the end of this month though. Let's keep our fingers crossed!
  10. by   VTN2B
    Do you think Ken might be open to letting us know in an email if we've been accepted? That would at least buy a few days.
  11. by   j8911
    That would be really nice but somehow I doubt it.
  12. by   samiam856
    Ya I don't think he can tell us via email or phone (unless there was some circumstance where the letter could not reach us via mail). It's not really the wait that frustrates me as much as not knowing when the letters will be sent. If they gave us a definitive date we would receive them by I think I would feel a lot better. At least we can all stick through it together....and hopefully some good news will come soon.
  13. by   seaglassgreen
    I emailed Ken to see if he thought we would hear something before I have to get back to UNF on 3/26- he wrote back that decisions should go out very soon, and I should expect to hear something by 3/26! So cross your fingers everyone!!