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I am a prenursing student attending UCF Orlando Campus. I am applying this summer to Cocoa Beach and Daytona Campuses to start Spring 2013! Eeek! I know there have been other forums regarding previous admissions to the program... Read More

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    Quote from mchinyee
    Nice to meet you! Does anyone know how many students are accepted for each nursing program per year and how many students apply?
    I attended a Daytona info session recently. There they will accept 36 persons in Spring 2013 and about 150 persons apply...that was one of the questions I asked them. My current stats overall and prereq GPA is 3.57. TEAS is 84% I was advised to retake the teas if I want to be competitive and apply early so mistakes, if any, can be correct before the deadline expires.. Hope this helps. they look at overall GPA, prereq GPA and TEAS scores to make their selections.

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    Quote from MC99
    I am also going to apply to the concurrent program and Daytona State College's AA nursing program because it is 4 semesters and then I could do UCF's online RN-BSN program while I work as an RN. It's a good option for me because I want to be a nurse anesthetist so I need a minimum of 1 yr ICU experience so if I go to Daytona State College I could start working faster and reach a year in the ICU quicker. Your scores make you have a really good shot as DSC nursing program if it is something you are interested in. The application to the school is easy and there is no application fee. Also, going to DSC & then doing the RN-BSN is cheaper.
    DSC is also my backup plan if I dont get into UCF. The way I see it, while it may be cheaper, the UCF program is only 5 semesters. but doing the DSC AS and then RN to BSN will take 4 DSC semesters then minimum 3 parttime UCF semesters(up it 5 max). Seminole concurrent program also takes 7 semesters. Its a good plan if one can actually get hired with a AS degree. I hope to get the bachelors out of the way so when I start working I wont have another school inturruption in my life holding me back from my career...I already know Ill have to quit my current job to do this, and I dont want to start over twice. I spoke to a girl who recently completed DSC program she said its really intense, thought it was going to be easy and work at the same time but she had to quit or risk failing. I guess its up to the person. I also know persons who can do both. I am yet to meet someone who has gone to UCF doing the generic BSN and working at the same time.
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    Yeah I am kinda starting to reconsider the whole DSC thing because of the time. I am actually starting to look into being a PA possibly and if I decide to do that then the time I would save doing UCF's prgram could help me graduate PA school faster.My big reason to do DSC was I thought it would be a little easier to help me maintain a good GPA but now it sounds like it might be just as hard as UCF's program. From what you have gathered, does UCF and DSC seem to be about the same when it comes to difficulty level
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    Yes, about the same level of commitment. I do think a BSN will have more thesis paper work than the ADN and that's about it...of course a bit more costly. The longest program which is the Seminole concurrent with UCF about 7 semesters but its credit hours per semester is less which may allow one to work,and get the BSN, I dont know. But every advisor says, not to work and go to nursing school. The UCF advisor says the other advantge is UCF clinicals are done not only in hospitals, but nursing homes, health department etc. which will give one a broader view of career options that are available.

    Seems like we have almost the same plan, as I have also been looking into PA schools as well, and a Bachelor degree is needed as well and experience in the field. I dont know, after, if I get in, nursing school I might like it and just remain a nurse, if not then PA is my other option..I dont really see myself as a doctor, its not something I'm striving for or want, thats just too much school commitments and stress. I dont see myself as a nurse anesthetist either, which is something just about every student I ask say thats their goal, maybe its because they will get to finally make patients shut up and stop buggin them lol ...but at least I know there are many options to get into with a BSN.
    I did my AA with FSCJ and they have some sort of articulation agreement with NOVA to get a bachelors and Masters in PA all together but I have not found out too much about how that route works.

    EDIT: I got my BSN application link from UCF Saturday...I'm just staring at it,wondering when to apply. lol
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    I have to wait for my audit to get complete to do the application. They are being slow and I had to resend in my final transcript.

    I am set to shadow a PA soon and I have a feeling that may be more my thing but I am going to apply to the nursing program just in case I shadow one and do not like it. If I do enjoy the PA profession (which I think I will, I would focus in emergency medicine), then I would probably just get my bachelors in sociology and work as a CNA while I am in school since the course is only 6 weeks long. That way I would have a few years experience as a CNA and I could probably get a better GPA in sociology since so many people have said nursing is hard. It would also give me the chance to take some courses that UF says will give me a competitive edge like immunology. Also, I do not want to take a spot of someone who hasa lifelong nursing dream. I shadowed a nurse anesthetist and they make more money but the job outlook is not very good in FL because there are so many CRNA schools. IT was not bad though.
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    Hi all, its nice to meet yall! I am also applying to the cocoa & daytona campuses and also seminole state concurrent program this summer. I really want to get into cocoa though, cos thats where I live.....Its scary and exciting to be applying, I remember the info session lady saying something like the admissions is based on a point system,does anyone know what it is?? anyhow my stats are 3.62 overall gpa, 3.8 something pre-req and 89% teas, I wonder if this is gonna be competitive??
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    Hello nursing hopefuls!
    I am currently in the basic BSN program at UCF and have been reading some of your posts. I was in the same position as you all are at this time last year and was anxiously waiting for a decision. Just to let you know, I had a 3.5 overall GPA, a 4.0 Science Pre Req and an 84 on the Teas V. All of your GPA's and scores sound great so dont stress too much about getting in. The GPA's are typically lower on the regional campuses and even if you're waitlisted, there are always folks who dont accept or decide on different schools so keep positive. I will say this though, the first semester is pretty crazy and although some of us had jobs, it is really tough. All the teachers are great and it has been a blast so far. And yes, we do clinicals in the hospitals, Halifax and Florida hospital mainly. Its only the first semester that you will have community clinicals and long term care. And please dont do the DSC program unless you really have to start and have no other choice. The BSN nurses have a huge advantage when it comes to jobs right now, which are hard to come by, (there is no nursing shortage) so it is very competitive right now. Good luck to you all and please let me know if you have any questions. Someone helped me out on this site when I was first starting and I wanted to pass on the good ju-ju Good luck!!
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    Hey everyone! My name is Sarah and I'm applying to UCFs nursing program at the Daytona Beach campus for spring. I'm really anxious and nervous for this entire application process but I'm hoping my stats are enough to get me in. I have an overall GPA of 3.6 and my prerequisite GPA is a 4.0. I am taking my teas on the 7th hoping to get somewhere in the high 80s but I will be happy with an 85. I also have volunteer experience in a hospital which I'm not sure if the school looks at. Anyways, I'd love to talk with more of you guys because there will only be 36 of us!
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    Hey y'all! I'll be applying to both the Daytona and Cocoa Beach campus. All of your scores look amazing! I hate playing the waiting game but it'll give us a chance to mingle among ourselves . Anyways my stats are a 3.2 gpa overall and a 3.3 pre-req gpa..I guess you could say I had some pretty extenuating circumstances. I scored a 92% on the TEAS V so hopefully that makes me a little more competitive. Lol i'm also a male, so maybe they'll throw some points my way
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    Quote from HEBGator
    Hey y'all! I'll be applying to both the Daytona and Cocoa Beach campus. All of your scores look amazing! I hate playing the waiting game but it'll give us a chance to mingle among ourselves . Anyways my stats are a 3.2 gpa overall and a 3.3 pre-req gpa..I guess you could say I had some pretty extenuating circumstances. I scored a 92% on the TEAS V so hopefully that makes me a little more competitive. Lol i'm also a male, so maybe they'll throw some points my way
    Wow a 92 on the TEAS is awesome! I'll be happy in the 80s, I'm sure your score will get you in!

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