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Hello everyone. I'm new to allnurses.com and I just wanted to say congrats to those who got into the 2012 UCF nursing program this summer. I am a prenursing student at UCF as I am still working... Read More

  1. by   BrihtneeY
    Quote from ddl77
    I've gotten mixed messages from the UCF CON - do we need the immunization form (university form not CON one) in by the app deadline?
    I went to the info session, they walked us through the entire process and the only thing they said had to be done by the deadline was the background check..
  2. by   BrihtneeY
    Quote from car19
    Hello everyone!!!! I am new to this discussion board as I just found it this morning. I am in the same boat as the rest of you. I have recently applied to both the accelerated and the basic BSN programs at UCF. I am really nervous about getting in because there are so many applicants with really great stats and my overall GPA is not so hot (3.2). I am also very nervous about the interview (if I am so lucky to get one). My academic advisor said that career services has some mach interview questions and that they can help you prepare so I hope that will help some of you! Best of luck to all of you!!!

    My stats:
    overall GPA: 3.2
    prereq GPA: 4.0
    TEAS score: 93.3
    The woman who did the info session said a competitive gpa was a 3.5 but a 4.0 prereq and that TEAS score should even the odds!
  3. by   soneutral
    Hi lexicuf,
    I'm not sure if anyone answered your question yet, but I had the same one. When I called UCF they told me that the registrar's office might not have gotten to completing the degree audit. She said to call them and ask them about it. Until then, she told me to look at the "Transfer Summary Report" (it's in the same drop down list as degree audit), and it should show your classes.
    Good luck!
  4. by   DAK385
    I got an email this morning confirming the interview date for the Basic BSN program, but not for the Accelerated program. Did anyone get an email for both programs?
  5. by   ucfsn14
    The accelerated programs interview date is March 22nd! It was included in an email sent when we completed the application.
  6. by   Nursowiczka2b
    Yep, that's correct. March 22nd is what they sent in the email. It's right around the corner. Time just flies by so quickly, doesn't it?
    This means that we should hear from them real soon. I'm betting on the first week of March. They usually release information on Friday, which could mean that March 1st would be the day we find out who's invited to the interview.

    How is everyone doing? I'm nervous whenever I think about it so I try NOT to. Lol

  7. by   DAK385
    Hmm...I just got the standard "application received" email. It didn't list a date or anything. I'm wondering if I should call them up and check.

    March 22 is really soon! I thought I remember reading on the boards for UCF Cocoa/Daytona Spring 2013 that they found out 2 weeks prior to their interview. That would be March 8th for us which is during spring break so maybe we'll find out on 3/1! That would be nice

    I'm feeling nervous, but trying not to think about it.
  8. by   Nursowiczka2b

    The interview date wasn't mentioned in the standard "application received"
    March 22nd was listed in one of the two emails we received when we first requested the application pin and all certifiedbackground info.

    03/01 or 03/08 seems like the two possible dates.

    I'm nervous too when I think about it so I try NOT to.

    Hang in there. .

    Good luck
  9. by   DAK385
    So I got a denial email from UCF CON this morning stating I didn't meet eligibility requirements. I called and found out they were able to view my transcripts because I was in the system as a graduate student for some reason. Long story short I got it taken care of and am not still being considered for the program. Yay! This made me think that if they're starting to send out denial emails that maybe we'll be hearing this week about interviews. Next Friday is 2 weeks until the interview date, but it's also spring break week and I'm not sure if CON is closed or not, so I hope they tell us this Friday
  10. by   Nursowiczka2b
    I'm glad you were able to take care of the issue.

  11. by   DAK385
    This came out wrong when I typed it They *weren't* able to see my transcripts (not were) and I *am* still being considered...would definitely not be a yay if I was not still being considered
  12. by   akwildone
    DAK - I had a similar experience a couple weeks back, saying I didn't meet minimum requirements and after hours of back and forth got it resolved. I was a simple miscommunication from admissions but a total heart attack for me. I too have applied to both basic and accelerated and am praying for an interview. Found you guys googling to try to find some more info about the interviews but find nothing more than I already know. Need to find someone who's been through one which would be the newest basic class! I assume they will e-mail us regarding interviews. Has anyone found concrete info about what immunizations the nursing school itself requires? Just wondering what all I still have to get. Apparently immunizations when I was a kid were not what they are today!
    And I would love to know how many applicants that got for each program!
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  13. by   akwildone
    GatorLove: Have to ask, if you now have a masters why are you applying for a bsn?