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Hello everyone. I'm new to allnurses.com and I just wanted to say congrats to those who got into the 2012 UCF nursing program this summer. I am a prenursing student at UCF as I am still working on... Read More

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    Quote from Gradius
    YES that's the link I needed... but it's not there. Can you email me if the form is downloadable? You would be my hero and this would save me a phone call to their callcenter. I will PM you my email addy if that's alright.
    Nevermind, got it, thanks to speaking with their Live Chat support. I will continue the process now, yay!

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    Quote from Gradius
    Nevermind, got it, thanks to speaking with their Live Chat support. I will continue the process now, yay!
    I'm glad it all worked out!
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    Question for anyone who has completed the background check:

    I got the report back saying my order was completed. Everything is done except the "Eligible for Placement" tab. It says " 4. Eligible for Placement: INCOMPLETE School Administrator will indicate eligibility based on the results received"

    Does the nursing school fill this out after the look at applications or do we need to contact someone to complete the check??
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    Yes, that's what mine says too. I assume that this is exactly what it means. Once CON looks at it they will probably then determine our eligibility.

    Sorry I wasn't here to help with your fingerprinting process. I have allnurses app on my phone and I usually get notifications if there is any activity. I don't know what happened this weekend.

    Also, I'm going to see an advisor tomorrow because I have some last minute questions regarding the application process.
    Anyone would like me to ask anything for them?
    Let me know please. My appointment is tomorrow early morning.
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    Thank you!!! I figured, but I don't want to take a chance of anything going wrong!
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    Mine says that too! I assumed that CON was going to look at it sometime.
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    Hi there future nurses

    I submitted my application for ABSN this afternoon.. Woohoo...
    I met CON's advisor this past week who answered so of my last minute questions..
    I was also told that our applications will be preliminarily reviewed to see if they were
    filled out correctly/ or if there is any information missing. That's great news, because if
    in case there is any mistakes that anyone made filling it out, CON will notify us so we have time
    to fix it before the deadline. The advisor just said to give them a few days to check it after submitting the application.
    For those inpatient ones we can either call CON or email the advisor to find out if all went good with the process of submitting it.
    So after the deadline, we wait 6-8 weeks to hear from CON about our invitations to the interview which will take place on 03/22.
    I have a feeling that we might hear from them that Friday on which the Spring break starts, which is 03/01 or the Friday on which the Spring break ends, which is 03/08.
    As I followed other threads on this blog in the past, I learned that it is usually FRIDAY when CON sends out the results to the applicants from the selection pool.

    Anyhow, GOOD LUCK to everyone with submitting your applications and all the best preparing for a potential interview!!!

    We gotta stay positive!!!

    Best to all!!
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    Hi everyone! I've been following this thread for a bit and thought I would say hello. I'm applying for the accel program for summer 2013 as well. You all sound like you have great stats! Here are mine:

    Overall GPA: 3.27 (not as high as I would like but oh well)
    Prereq GPA: 3.9
    Science GPA: 4.0
    TEAS score: 91.3

    I just submitted my application and all the background stuff today, and I'm getting my fingerprints done tomorrow. Hopefully we all will be getting interviews. Best of luck to you all!!
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    Hi! I'm applying for UCF's ABSN program, as well. I just wanted to thank you for starting this thread and sharing so much information.

    Since everyone is sharing stats, here are mine... My overall GPA is a 3.67, my prereq GPA is a 4.0, and I got a 92.7 on the TEAS. I'm planning to take the TEAS one more time later this week, though. I hadn't taken A&P I and II yet when I first took it, and as competitive as this program sounds, I don't want to have any regrets! After that, I will submit my application. I already completed the background check, but like everyone else, I am waiting for the "eligible for placement" section to be updated.

    I, too, want to wish everyone luck. I hope I have the opportunity to work with you all because it sounds like you're as passionate as I am about working in the medical field. Hopefully we'll be able to meet in person before long!

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