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  1. Hi, I was looking into moving to Tampa after I get out of school in May. I was wondering what the typical pay rate for a nurse is in Tampa. If anyone can help me out with average pay rates in hospitals as related to working somewhere like a doctors office or your personal recommendations of where to look for jobs.:spin: Thanks!!!
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  3. by   akanini
    Can ANYONE please answer this? I am curious to know. Tampa is on my "TO MOVE" list!
  4. by   Chica_bella813
    Hey guys!! I can definitely help with your questions. I have worked in tampa and in neighboring cities.

    For your local community hospitals starting out they do not pay squat!! I was told at Tampa General they start at $23.50/hr as a RN but you can get pay increase when you go up the clinical ladder. Each time you go up TGH"s clinical ladder it is an increase of 16% from what was explained to me. You do not get an incentive if you have your own benefits.

    H.Lee Moffitt on a non exempt floor salary nights is $37.00/hr--days in the ICU there was $28/hr. Good place to work. IF you have your own benefits they will give you 10% more.

    Now if you want to make in the $30's you must provide your own benefits. Florida Hospital Zephyrhills pays $35/hr plus diff if you have your own benefits. If you take their benefits it is $24.50 days .

    University community Hospital has something they are promoting called "Flex pool" meaning that they can float you anywhere they want to--I have a friend who does this and they have floated her every 4 hours but that is part of the deal and she is making $38/hr that is with no benefits.

    Kindred hospital is paying one of my friends $48/hr ICU but it is a contract and they are no longer renewing. But for pool ICU nurses she said it is $39 and that is no benefits.

    Largo and Bayfront for staff from what I have been told from others is 20+an hour.

    I have spoken to recruiter in Jacksonville fla and she told me they are paying $23/hr for RN's and for per diem is $26/hr. That is outrageous!!!

    IF you have any other questions let me know.

    I am want to get out of tampa and see the rest of the country!! LOL
  5. by   akanini
    Thanks so much for your response. I'm just so tired of NY but will have to wait until I finish school to move. I'm not too sure how do you get your OWN benefits though. Would I contact a private insurance company and add the family on? Would you suggest travel nurse for someone trying to make their way down there for the first time?
  6. by   Chica_bella813
    What i suggest is just going through the insurance companies and purchasing it directly from them or through one of their subsidary companies. As far as short term and long term disability shop around or go with whomever you receive your car insurance from--they may give you a discount. Mine did--You never know when that back may give out with all the lifting we do!!!!We must look out for ourselves!!I highly recommend getting malpractice insurance which is a mere $89.00 a year through NSO. I highly suggest ALL nurses to get malpractice insurance--You never know when you may need it and it's always good to know you may be covered.

    My dental is inexpensive as well as my health insurance. I choose to get a mid dedictuble so my monthly rate will not be so high. I know alot of my other friends both single or married who do this. For those that are married they go with their hubby's insurance. For those that are single they buy their own so they can make top $$$.

    Tampa wouldn't be a bad spot to start a local assignment. Depending where you may be located you will be very close to the beach. The neighboring cities to Tampa include Clearwater (beautiful beach), Largo, St.Petersburg and Sarasota nice beaches there too!! I love the beach!

    I know a very good travel nurse company and recruiter to give to you if you want to PM me about that. I think Tampa is a nice place to raise a family. But if you are single it may not be the best--I know alot of single lonely depressed nurses in tampa.

    Hit me up if you have any other questions--Maybe we can swap--You come and take an assignment in tampa and I'll head up to NY. :spin:How are the rates for nurses in NY? and are you state taxed?? Florida is not state taxed--which is a GREAT thing!! We just do federal tax--and we have a good govenor right now!!!

    Oh if you do the travel thing you can get benefits with travel companies--but i always like to know that i can control my coverage and that is why i chose to get my own. I am learning you cannot trust everything that is advertised in travel nursing whether it be via recruiter or what is posted on their sites.

    Good luck dear!!
  7. by   akanini
    The base pay for RNs in NYC are about $65,000. This is working the three days a week before any differentials. NY does have state tax and we get hit very hard. I'm a twenty minute train ride from Manhattan. NY has gotten very expensive and over crowded. I would not suggest raising a family here what so ever. If you have never been here, it would be good to do a travel assignment for a short period. I will definitely take you up on your offers and thanks for your help! I was talking to my cousin who lives down there and she was telling me about MI homes and New Tampa. She got me so excited.
  8. by   Chica_bella813
    Yes everyone wants to be in New Tampa--that is where I am. Very good schools and has a very good reputation. Alot of professionals live out this way. It's funny how some people get snotty and you can ask them where do you live and the raise there heads up and say New tampa--as if everyone should be there. Alot of MD's live out this way too.

    Due to the market houses are very affordable. I built a 3/2/2 at a VERY affordable rate. New Tampa is growing fast though--

    Good thing you have family here--that helps. PM anytime if you have any additional questions. Oh pasco county which is the neighboring county has lower taxes and nice homes there. I have another property there due to the low taxes.

    I am not sure if you are looking to build or rent?? I don't mind answering the questions--Oh are transportation is not that great like NY. YOU NEED a car to get around. We do have buses in Hillsbourough County--Tampa but it is not as accessible as what you are used. To live comfortably I suggest to have a car.

    Oh if you like to shop let me know I can tell you where to go for high end stuff or for outlet malls!! I think you will like it here.....
    Good luck honey bunny!!
  9. by   PeachyERNurse
    New grad pay for RNs in the Tampa Bay area range from $19 and some change-$23 before shift diffs. Not the greatest pay considering the high (I think) cost of living.
  10. by   luv4nursing
    Im a graduate nurse and wanted to add St Joseph's to the list. They quoted me 21.75 per hour and .50 more when I get my license. Their career ladder is a 5% increase from level 1-2 and another 5% from level 2-3. You get 1% for certain certifications and an annual raise based on performance evaluations from 1-6%. Tuition reimbursement 100% of up to $3000 a year. They give $500 for the NCLEX, or u can use it for whatever you want. They do matching with 401k and I think they match .50 on evern $1 up to 6% of your salary.

    Im glad someone posted the info above because its nice to compare salaries. Tampa General seems more attractive bc 1 the pay is better, and 2 its a teaching hospiital. I talked to the recruiter there today and she forwarded my application to the manager in charge of the GN internships. I hope to get an interview there very soon so I can compare the offer to St Josephs.
  11. by   akanini
    LPN's make more than $21.75 in the nursing homes here in NYC. However, the cost of living is totally outrageous. Many people are telling me not to move to Florida for nursing but I would rather take the paycut for my happiness. For the Tampa people, what would you say is a satisfactory mortgage payment for a RN in the Tampa/New Tampa area and the yearly salary? My cousin how lives there told me $50,000 a year is a sufficient salary but she is not a nurse. She works in a bank.
  12. by   luv4nursing
    Quote from akanini
    LPN's make more than $21.75 in the nursing homes here in NYC. However, the cost of living is totally outrageous. Many people are telling me not to move to Florida for nursing but I would rather take the paycut for my happiness. For the Tampa people, what would you say is a satisfactory mortgage payment for a RN in the Tampa/New Tampa area and the yearly salary? My cousin how lives there told me $50,000 a year is a sufficient salary but she is not a nurse. She works in a bank.
    LPNs can make that much in nursing homes in FL too, but they also tend to have a crazy nurse to patient ratio(like 30 patients)...I cant handle that.

    I think 50k a year is a pretty good salary, expecially if u have 2 incomes. I think it is a enough to live fairly well if you dont go crazy with it. If u have to have the best home and the newest car,etc,etc..that eventually catches up to people no matter how much they make.

    I dont know about mortgage payments, but most people I know pay anywhere from 1500 to 2200 a month for a new home in the 250 to 300k range. When my fiance and I are ready to buy within the next year or so we would like to aim for the lower 200s...hopefully its still a buyers market.
  13. by   Chica_bella813
    I think Tampa General's pay sucks!! Even though they have good benefits--it still sucks!! I was quoted $25.04 for 6 years of experience. They do have shift diff 15% from 3-11 and I can't recall how much a diff if you work 7p-7a.

    They give you up to 16% for clinical ladder and $4000 towards tuition a year. Now the benefits are great--but I feel that the wage for RN's is disheartening.

    I feel that an RN with experience should make at least $30/hr. base without diff. We work to hard!!!

    When i graduated nursing school I NEVER made anything near $25/hr. It was in the $30's--i guess because it was nights and a specialty unit.
    $25/hr This is what a new grad should make not an experienced nurse.
  14. by   DahliaDaisy
    As a Florida Realtor, who is going back to school to make the switch to nursing ( something I have always wanted to do ) I can not speak about wages, but I CAN talk about the housing market !

    If you are willing to drive 45 minutes, you can buy a 3/2 house with an inground pool in Pasco county for under 120K. I know people constantly b*tch about the insurance, but break it down :

    Taxes would be about 1,200,
    insurance 1,200

    and NO big heating bills ! My parents in upstate NY live in a 125k house and pay 4,500 in taxes alone and another 400 bucks a month in heating costs 6 months a year.

    The wages in florida are HORRIBLE across the board ! They offer 8-10 dollars for experienced hvac, welders, and truck drivers, so anything in the 20's is MUCH better and it is cheaper to live than in NY. Especially the downstate area.

    Sorry this is not more about nursing, but i thought i would make my first post about something I actually KNOW something about !

    Good luck !