Returning to nursing after long break

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    I am returning to nursing after a 8 year break and have some questions for anyone that has done the same. I am looking for any insights on the best way for an experienced nurse that has been out of the game for many years to approach job hunting.

    My RN license will be active again once I have completed an approved BON refresher/remedial course. I haven't worked as a nurse in over 8 years, will I be treated as a "new or graduate" nurse when applying for jobs even though I have 10 years of critical care experience?

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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    You might be interested in this Back To Nursing Program at HCA
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    Thanks for that link.

    Just as an update, I am finishing up Miller's Nursing Review in Kissimmee, Fl right now and I am so excited that I am almost done. If anyone is out there looking for a great Florida BON approved Remedial/Refresher Course then I highly recommend this one to you.

    I now have the confidence to go out and start my job search knowing that getting back to nursing is really just like riding a bike, just hop back on and start peddling and it all comes flooding back!
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    It is very hard to get jobs here in Florida. Since you were working in this field 8 years ago and did the refresher's course, maybe you will find something soon. Send applications out to all the hospitals and see what happens.
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    Thank you for.kind thoughts. I will be doing that shortly.
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    I had very similar situation with about 8 years off. Getting hired by a hospital in my area was impossible with the state of things in the last 3 years. I have extensive critical care experience but it didnt really matter when it came down to the jobs. I ended up entering chronic dialysis just to get my foot back in the door and it worked. I'm not back in a hospital but to be honest I'm happy with it as I now am a CLM for a HHC agency and love it. 8:30 to 5:00 job, an hour paid lunch and no weekends!!! I still occasionally have to go out to a home now and then but finally realized my body isnt cut out to work a floor anymore so the home arena worked out great for me. Just something to consider if you get down to the wire and cant get into a hospital situation.
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    I was also going to suggest home health care over the hospital.
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    Hi, we are on the same boat. I stopped working for 16 years to raise my son after working as a nurse in Saudi Arabia for 4 years.
    I had difficulties in getting back my license and when I did, I got a job in the nursing home. That was my first nursing home job. I had hard time learning and strting from fresh but I did not give up. I tried very hard. I went to work in the hospital in Ortho Neuro then Ancology. I applied for the Health Dept. as school nurse. I did that for 2 years then became Case Manager for Breast and Cervical Cancer Program for 2 years. Now, I am working as R.N. Consultant. So please do not give up. Keep trying and start in any areas of nursing that can hire you. Don't be afraid to try anything. You will soon find a good job. If you have to relocate, you've got to sacrifice.
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    My husband needs to find a new job. I've been a stay at home mom for 15 years.
    I need to get back to work to help support our family. I plan on taking an online nurse refresher course and then approach our nearby hospitals, nursing homes to try and find a job.
    I am a bit anxious since I have been out of practice for so long.
    It's encouraging to hear from others that they made it back into the active work force.
    Please pray for me that everything works out well for our family.
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    May I ask, at what point do you need to take a refresher course? I haven't worked in 2 and a half years.....will I be required be take a reshresher?

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