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has anyone enrolled in the inaugural accelerated bsn class that started january 2009? what are your impressions so far? thank you, topcat... Read More

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    How long does it take for the background check process to be complete? I have done the internet part, and I am now waiting on the results. Do we need to have the results before we can do the finger print part?

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    Its like Christmas again for you all. They proably wont send the first letters out til late May or June. Did the tell you when you'd know.

    - Background check takes 72 hours...fingerprints 30-45 days.
    Got luck to you all.
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    Hello everyone,
    Did anyone hear anything from the school since the application deadline? I am scheduled for interview next week.
    Can someone tell me what type of questions will be asked?
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    I may be going in for an interview next week or the week after. I am anxious to here back from them and be able to finally see the school. Did they give you the option to do in person or by phone? Did they call you or did you contact them?
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    I saw this school off of I-4 as I was driving north from Orlando. Noticed the posts on here. I personally would not enroll at a school that was not accredited at any point during my attendance, but that is just me. Good luck to everyone taking that leap!
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    Hello guys,
    What's new with your application? Did you hear from the school?
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    hey, well, the dean said i could apply before my final grades were turned in. and then they changed the website to reflect that. So even though they have my midterm grades they won't evaluate my application until they receive the final grades now! Sooo, i guess I won't hear for several weeks now since I don't get my final grades until mid-May. they also extended the application date to the last day in May. They have already admitted a few people who have everything in. i hate being in LIMBO>

    btw, its finals week! and my dumb roommates had a party last night :angryfire at 2am I told them to be quiet and reminded them about my tests, and I was so ****** they were so inconsiderate that I could not sleep at all when I went to bed! So I drove to school at 7am when the library opened to study. I was able to beg the teacher of the second test (chemistry) to allow me to take it tomorrow since I was in a fog and so extremely tired. the first test (microbiology) I did well on, 100%...but still. I am very annoyed with these "roommates", can't wait to have a nursing student roommate.
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    Hello all,
    Just to let you know that I finally received a fingerprint form from Remington and I have been interviewed by phone last week. So far everything went pretty well, I was told that the admission office will contact me by June. Did you guys hear about your application?
    For those who have been on campus, could you describe the school and infrastructures please?
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    hello all!

    i will be interviewing tomorrow so i'll report back my findings.

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    Good luck for you.

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