Florida Online RN-BSN programs

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    I know there is another thread about online bridge programs, but there are 48 pages and I need specifically Florida programs because I have Bright Future's. If anyone could suggest some for me, that would be great! I know about FSU and UCF. Thanks a lot!!! =)

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    FSU: http://learningforlife.fsu.edu/onlin...ms/Nursing.cfm

    FAU: http://nursing.fau.edu/index.php?main=3&nav=362

    FIU: http://cnhsonline.fiu.edu/

    I'm not sure how the clinicals work at FIU or FAU if you're not local to those schools, however FSU does state that you can attend the RN-BSN online program from anywhere in the state of Florida.

    I'm sure there could be more, but this is what I know of.
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    I'm doing mine at FIU-

    I have to attend the campus twice this semester, one for a computer lab test and another for a physical assessment evaluation---

    So I guess it's not 100% without campus attendace.

    I am local, so it works out well for me-- but I am wondering those that live away have to come to too....
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    Jacksonville University has one that is all online but its costly because it is a private school. Not much help I know because bright futures only covers a certain amount ( less than 75%) due to it being private.
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    St. Petersburg College has an online RN to BSN program with instate tuition.
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    USF in Tampa and FGCU in Ft Myers both have online RN-BSN, RN-MSN with the bridge option and BSN-MSN, I'm looking at USF most likely.
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    Quote from nrcnurse
    St. Petersburg College has an online RN to BSN program with instate tuition.
    I was going to mention that one. It's not only instate tuition, it's at a Community College rate. They've gone up over the years, but it's still a bargain at about $100.00 per credit hour.
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    Valencia Community College (online program) - Orlando, FL
    Seminole Community College - Orlando, FL
    Florida Hospital College (online Program) - Orlando, FL

    Good Luck!
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    are other programs similar as well--- do you have to attend campus sometime during the class or program like me?

    I know this semester I am going twices for testing-- but I don't know about the rest of the classess.
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    I know UCF, you go there once a month. My friend is doing it, and I live in Northeast Florida, so it would be easy for me to go to Orlando once a month.

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