florida hospital or orlando health for new grad pay

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    I am trying to compare the two hospitals florida hospital and orlando health, I know the starting salary at orlando health is 22.50 for BSN and 21.30 for associates, the nurse patient ratio is 1 to 5, night differential is 8.75 and weekends 3.20. has anyone got accepted in the new grad program at florida hospital if so can you share the location and floor starting pay for new grads, shift differential, what it is like working at florida hospital for example the work environment and support from staff members along with how long the training is based upon the unit or floor you work on. thanks.

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    what is the starting pay per hour at florida hospital and the nurse patient ratio for new grads.
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    which hospital is better in regards to patient ratio, nurse retention and nurse satisfaction. what is the starting salary at florida hospital and shift differential I know at orlando health the starting salary for BSN is 22.50 and shift differential is 8.75 and weekends is 3.20. what is florida hospital GN program like compared to orlando health GN program.
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    Orlando Health is proposing a mid-level lay off and offering those people bedside positions. Their new grad program seems nonexistent at this point, and it's darn near impossible to get into the system without knowing someone.

    Take what is offered honestly. Florida Hospital has their new grad residency posted for Feb/March already.
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    Quote from nats2012
    what is the starting pay per hour at florida hospital and the nurse patient ratio for new grads.
    $21.50 starting pay, unsure about differentials

    Ratio is around 1:4 or 1:5 depending on which Florida Hospital and which unit. Some are as low as 1:3, because there are no techs. But the nurses are also BSN typically
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    thanks for the response is 21.50 for bsn nurses or asn.
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    Quote from nats2012
    thanks for the response is 21.50 for bsn nurses or asn.
    Both. They start the same. After your certification courses during residency they will pay $2/hr more I think. Something like that for BSN.

    But remember, they are really only hiring BSN.

    Also, Florida Hospital East is saying they are on a hiring freeze for GN. Other hospitals may follow suit based on budgets. I know OH is in lay off mode and may not have a residency program at all for 12-18months.
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    I was quoted 22.83 from Fl Hospital South (Orlando) ED for BSN pay w/o diff included. OH quoted 22.05 no diff included. Friend was called for interview from OH but was cancelled during phone call bc she preferred peds. The recruiter gave her the number to Arnold Palmer and hung up. Sooooo.....it depends on which unit and campus for both orgs.
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    I was hired at florida hospital in Oct as a new grad. It has been an enjoyable experience. I was accepted into an ICU program, so there's lots to remember and keep track of.
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