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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm starting this thread for students looking to start(ing), and (or) finishing there pre's by spring of 2013 at Broward College. Also for those who are entering (or)... Read More

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    Hello everyone,
    I'm also applying to BC's nursing program August 2013 and I just wanted to introduce myself!

    Good luck everyone!!!

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    @ Future Nurse S.Brown Welcome..
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    I'm so happy finals are over. Whew this has been a rough semester for me. Thank God I made it.
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    Quote from Fearless_leader
    I'm so happy finals are over. Whew this has been a rough semester for me. Thank God I made it.
    Absolutely! Once the new year hits things are going to go fast from here on out. Great luck to all of us.
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    I decided to order a couple of books that may help me out in the future. I purchased them from amazon and spent less that $10.00 for the both of them being that they are in Very Good but used condition I said hey why not. I will let you know if the price was a steal.
    Sep 18, '11 by [COLOR=#003366]Streamline2010 A member since Mar '10 - from 'NW PA / Youngstown, OH'. Posts: 498 Likes: 334

    The "Success" series,
    test taking strategies, [COLOR=#003366]

    Fundamentals [COLOR=#003366]

    Via a member here in All Nurses There are something like 3 or 4 formats for NCLEX type questions that are detailed in these books. The nursing school questions are 1) know it, and 2) be able to take it farther and apply it, which is much different from the testing for non-nursing classes. For nursing, you almost never just "puke it back." You always have to evaluate, rule out choices, and often there are two answers that could be correct but you have to pick the most correct one for the circumstances in the question.
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    Okay that sounds great! I heard good reviews about the Fundamentals book. Thanks. Also, have you taken the hesi yet?
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    No I haven't but I plan on studying for it this month in order to take it next month.
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    Quote from Fearless_leader
    @ Future Nurse S.Brown Welcome..
    @ Fearless_Leader, thanks for the welcome!!

    I am also studying for the HESI exam and I plan on taking it next month. Is anyone nervous?
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    I am because I'm mentally over doing it, which is overwhelming me. I just want to get it over with so I can focus on other things.
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    I am taking Chem1032 , Mat1033 (in case I need to take the Algebra credit if it changes again and REL2300 ( my last elective needed according to the degree audit ) in Winter 2013. My Chemistry course is over 4/23/13 so I plan on applying to the nursing program within the app period of March -May for August 2013. I am trying to get in without the Micro as a pre req because the classes are twice a week for lecture and twice a week for lab and only day time classes. I work full time and can't afford to take that much time off work just for a pre req class, If i was in the actual program already it's different because then I know my time was not wasted on taking all these pre req classes and not being accepted after that. I took the HCP class at Sheridan Tech which I HIGHLY RECOMMEND. So all I need now is the HESI and to finish the Chem. Am I the only one not doing the Micro first to apply?

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