Anyone Trying To Get Into Atlantic, Sheridan, or Mcfatter 2012-2013? - page 5

In broward county? Or am I the only one? I see the last thread on either one of these schools was from 2011. I'm trying to get into mcfatter for Novembers start date. Orientation was supposed to be Monday but was cancelled due to... Read More

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    Yes thats where they get alot of people. I was going to go to Concorde for nursing then I found out its associates in applied science. Thank God I never did it. And yes haha thats me! I guess ill see you Monday! Hopefully we make it in!

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    How did it go today? Did they say if they still have spots for November course? were they a lot of people at the orientation? Also did they say if we start in November would we be done in November or October of next year?
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    Quote from LegacyJS
    How did it go today? Did they say if they still have spots for November course? were they a lot of people at the orientation? Also did they say if we start in November would we be done in November or October of next year?
    It was not looking good. Nope. Looks like their November class is full. Like the people are pretty much waiting for acceptance letters that they will receive in about 3 weeks or so. But she said they accept 36. There's alot of us applying. She said to apply anyway, because someone may have something going on where they can't accept their seat, can't pay for it, found another school, etc. So she said to still apply because they start going down the list of applicants until all of the seats are filled.

    For instance, she said they had 60 applicants for pharmacy tech. And out of all of them she still didn't fill the 24 slots. People had things going on, changed their minds, etc. So she said to still apply.

    Looks like alot of people are applying to the sister schools after hearing it's full. So its alot of competition. I was anxious at first on getting in this year, but now not so much. I mean if I can get in that's great! But it's a rat race. Lmao! I'm just gonna turn in all my necessary paperwork to all of the schools and just wait and see what happens.
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    Oh! And she said its EXACTLY 12 months. So it will be november of next year when you'll be done.
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    Hey! Sorry didnt get a chance to speak to you yesterday. Talk.about rat race i literally ran to get everything done. I just turned in all my stuff this morning there were alot of other ppl with full packets too im assuming from the last orientation. Im turning in my papers for atlantic tomorrow prob not sheridan I keep only hearing bad.things about.them. But.def get.all your.things done by tomorrow so you can turn it all in. make sure you make copies of everyyyyyyyyything for ALL schools also for yourself. Copies of : both proofs of residency. Your drug.screen receipt. Background check receipt. Diploma/ged. Tabe test results. Also the paper labcorp gives u after ur drug test. And ur license. And ur immunization record. She made me do all of this as I was there but it ****** her off so make sure u already have it done x4 for all 3 schools and ur own records. Might be forgetting something but want to help you to the best of my ability
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    Thanks! Where do I get my Tabe Results from? I did my physical today. My titers won't be back for another week. I did my background check and pee test. I wanted to turn in my college transcripts but I didn't go to college here. I would have to get it wayyyy down in key west florida. Thinking about turning the packet in without it, but I can probably get advanced placement. So I'll wait. Maybe. Lol

    Good luck to us!
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    She wont let u yurn in anything without everything. Shes not as nice as she seemed lol! If u dont havr them anymore oshe gave them to us after the test) then she can print them so ur good. And call ur college they can fax them u should wait for them because if u can be advance placement u could be picked above othet regulat ppl so u should prob wait!
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    Yeah I'm gonna wait. Yeah I don't know about Sheridan. I told you how I got a bad vibe from them before. So ghetto fabulous over there. But I wanna up my chances so I think I'll take that chance. But mcfatter and Atlabtic are my top choices. I just can't wait until April. Seems so far away!
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    Yeah I think im going to try sheridan too as my last resort :/ april is wayyyyy too far. Hopefully we can get into one of them!
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    Advance placement get a regular spot, they just start later. I called them today just to see if they gave me advance placement and they told me i am missing some things. I wonder when they were going to call and let me know. Titers come back quick call them by the end of the week to see what they say.

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