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    Hello everyone! Is anyone currently attending Galen College of Nursing in St.Petesburg/Tampa Bay Area? If you aren't currently attending, but have in the past? I would love to here your feedback, too. I just wanted to know how you feel about the school and what your experience has been like. I will be taking my cpat at Galen tomorrow. I'm very excited and hopefully all goes well.

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    Well, I guess there are no takers. That's fine my fine research skills have helped me make my decision. I just wanted some 1st hand accounts. While at the school this past week, many of the people at the information session I attended were recommended by Galen graduates and a few were returning for their ADN. That in itself says a lot!
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    We precept Galen RN students on my unit and they seem to like it fine, other than the expense. Good luck.
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    Hey, I got accepted into Galen for the Febuary term.. I'm nervous, and excited. I can't wait, anyone have any feedback reguarding Galen??? I'd appreciate any info. Thanks
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    Quote from krazykristy
    Hey, I got accepted into Galen for the Febuary term.. I'm nervous, and excited. I can't wait, anyone have any feedback reguarding Galen??? I'd appreciate any info. Thanks
    Hey Kristy! I'm starting at Galen in Feb also. Are you attending the day or evening class?
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    I'm attending the day program. I just got done ordering my books and uniforms. I can't wait, I know it going to be alot of work but I'm very excited. Which are you attending days or nights?
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    Congrats and lucky you! I am in the evening program. I preferred the day program, but there were already 15 alternates waiting. So I just opted for the evening, instead of waiting until May. Either way I'm very excited! Have you taken your cpr class already or will you be taking it there also? Where did you get your bottoms from?
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    We had our orientation today. They had everyone including the alternates come, and I was very suprized by how many people were their. The uniforms I ordered throught the schools vendor. As for the books I used amazon, and save some money. Good luck in the program!
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    We'll have our orientation on the 4th. I looked into Amazon also and I think I'll save around $70 or $80 bucks. Thanks & Good Luck! Remember to enjoy the experience.
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    Congrats all!! I actually attend Galen St. Pete. I'm actually in the LPN program days. I'm 6 months in and 6th months to go. I really like the school!! I plan on going on to do my RN there. The school is great. The teachers I've had so far are wonderful. It's strict with an attendance policy, but it's so worth it. I like it because it's a smaller, private school. The instructors are very accessible and helpful. I've met some great friends too. I actually moved from Southern CAlif. to go to school. Our wait list there is 2 to 3 yrs. for an RN. An LPN program price is $30,000 and a bridge program $60,000. Yes, that's right. LOL So, I did some research...found Galen, came for a visit liked the school and moved. It's really no different than someone going out of state for college. I will be done before my friends will even be in a program in Calif.'s cheaper to live in Fla. LOL guys made an excellent choice. Good luck and I'll probably see ya in the halls. LOL
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