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Just wanting to connect & be/get encouragement from other hopefuls who are applying to the program. Anyway, who's up for stalking the mailman with me?... Read More

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    I've got serious ants in my pants waiting to hear back. I had to go up to the financial aid office for paperwork and the girl there told me that last year they didn't hear back until November, I NEARLY DIED! A buddy of mine that already has been through the program said he got his in early to mid October! I'm dying to get started on the background check, CPR cert and shot/immunizations already!

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    When I got my letter it was just that...a letter. Actually it was two pieces of paper one was a letter and the other was an acceptance form. You have to turn in the acceptance form and then they send you the packet of stuff. The form had to be turned in within 10 days or the seat would be forfeited
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    Sounds like everyone has great reasons & motivation to become nurses.
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    Hi guys! Im so nervous... I check my mail everyday and I never normally check my mail ever. I want this so bad. I would love to work in pediatrics or geriatrics one day but would be happy doing nursing in any area when I start. I know this is what im supposed do so now I just hope phcc agrees. Good luck everyone.
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    I wonder if any of the 150 applicants this go around got a denial letter yet?

    How long does it take to stuff 150 letters, the committee already met and has chosen the people to go into the programs, that much they can tell you.
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    Has anyone signed up for NCH0050 bls yet? You might as well get registered for a class sometime after mid October , the fee won't be due till the day of. And if you don't get in you can drop it before you have to pay.

    just think, when everyone one who gets an acceptance letter this go around for all the health programs, lpn, rn ,etc; they will be rushing to sign up for basic life support, you could miss the section you want and have to go on a day that is inconv. for you.
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    by the way jazacmom said when she got her acceptance letter it was two pages, the letter and acceptance form.

    So if you are like me it will be comforting to know If i got in or not before I open the letter. So an acceptance letter will weigh about 13grams and a denial letter should way 9 grams, because its just one page.

    This way if you have a scale like me when you get the letter you can weigh your letter and know before you open it.

    I guess that sounds a little crazy.

    Its nice I could use the scale for something besides that yayo
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    It is definetly tough waiting for these letters. I'm just looking forward to finding out one way or another so I can make plans for next year.
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    So in the interest of keeping conversation going (and so I have something to read while I'm checking this everday to see if anyone got their letter) how about we all share a little about ourselves (basic stuff- i'm not asking for SSN #s or life stories jk ) what do you think the hardest part of being in nursing school will be?

    I'm Jen, 24, married, mother of one. We have 3 dogs & 1 cat.
    I think the hardest part of school will be being away from my son. He's 13 months old and I've been working from home & finishing my AA online so I can be home with him. It will be tough to leave him but I'm really glad my husband will be home one day to watch him and my sister will be watching him the other two days so no daycare
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    I'm 43 divorced with a 13 yr old daughter. I started school in jan 2011 due to a laid off. I have since lost my home so we will be moving in with relatives this month. Luckily I have a wonderful and supportive family. I want to be in this program so much so that I can start a career in something I've always wanted to do. Also so I can be back on my feet and show my daughter how important education is. The hardest part about this program is going to be having to work when u know u have so much studying to do. Not having enough hours in the day will be tough, but we will do it!!!!!
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