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Just wanting to connect & be/get encouragement from other hopefuls who are applying to the program. Anyway, who's up for stalking the mailman with me?... Read More

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    I always said that when I had children I would never change their poopy diapers. Three years ago we had our beautiful daughter and I realized I had to start pitching in and changing the poopy diapers. And when I started changing them I realized this isn't so bad, I might like to do this for a living! So here I am.

    by the way , when are these letters going to arrive.?

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    No...but seriously I actually thought about becoming a doctor but in the end it wasn't for me.

    Nursing is a better fit because it allows me to work in several different areas of medicine.
    Plus, I can focus 100% on patient care , as oppose to being a doctor where you have to deal with all the bureaucracy.

    And I look good in scrubs too.
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    I was in the xray program and I really didn't feel comfortable about the job opportunities I was going to have. RN is so flexible and there's comfort knowing I could move anywhere and know I'll have a job. My dad is a critical care RN, been doing it for twenty years so I hear a lot about it and it will be nice to bounce questions off him.
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    I stopped in at the daycare on the west campus to find out about child care if i do get into the RN program. They told me that they do not provide care for children over 5 yrs old except for after school. I'm trying to find a center close to the college that does before school care & that cypress elem school buses pick up from. There's always Place at Cypress elem but that's my last resort.

    I want to be an RN for a few reasons. I really like helping people, I like answering their questions, calming their fears & making them feel comfortable. I like organization & staying busy. I feel like I could do a good job at it & feel good about it at the end of the day. I also have an amazing role model, my mom has been an RN for about 17 yrs & is an amazing nurse
    I also want a career that will help me to provide a comfortable life for my family. We have 3 girls ages 13, 11 & 7 yrs old.
    I'd like to start out working in a Dr.’s office even if it pays less so I can be home more w them & when they're older move toward hospitals. Idk we'll see how it all plays out I just wish a letter would come w good news so I can get started!
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    Got a letter from the school today and got super excited, my heart was racing. It was just Psi Beta invitation ughh.
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    haha Meet the parents quote Conquestadorf....
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    Friend of mine asked the Dean of Nursing if letters went out & the answer was no, mailing mid- month. Apparently admin is clueless.
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    @William87 I also received the same letter! I was so mad when I opened it!

    I currently work as a CNA in the hospital, for three years in december, but i have been a CNA for 6. I have always wanted to be a nurse, actually when I was little I wanted to be a Doctor, but as I got older i realized how much work it would be. So, my goal is to be a N-ICU Nurse. I obviously want to try it out first, if it is way to emotionally draining I will most likely work in Labor & Delivery. Definitley something with infants. I've worked with Geriatrics for the first three years of having my CNA and now I work on the Womens Surgery, Med/Surg, Orthopedic floor. SO i feel I have experienced enough to be confident about choosing to working with infants. I am very grateful for the experiences I have had, and feel it will make me an even better Nurse. The only thing I worry about is learning everything i need to know for working as an RN. Watching and being around them you realize just how much they actually know!
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    I am currently a secretary /monitor tech at oak hill hospital. i used to work at brooksville regional and i just always liked the hospitals and got used to the routine of it all. I was a CNA before this. I want to be a PA or NP im not sure which one yet i just need to get started on the right track!! I really am banking on getting in this program as I just get married and me graduating means building our house on our 2 acreage wedding present! lol I hope to get accepted and make a lot of new friends as i have heard the ones you make in nursing school are sometimes the ones that stick! :-) good luck to all!
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    Update on the letters. I always try to call and talk to as many different people I can , in order to piece together any information I can ,as to when the letters are coming out of if I got accepted or not. Originally I called the person who is responsible for sending out the letters and she told me they would be sent out the first week of October, because they committee already met at the time she told me this. She also mentioned that she was new to sending out the letters, I guess someone else did it last go around. I talked to someone else today who told me the one who is responsible for the letters won't send them out until she completes a few tasks for the people who have been accepted. I can only speculate what those things are. Maybe the packets that we receive once we accept the seat, the ones that tell us what we need to do, such as background check, shots etc. This could also mean she has to change our major so that we are able to sign up for nursing courses going forward. I once asked the person in charge of sending out the acceptance letters if we would notice our major changed( in wise) before the letters are sent out and she said that might not happen simultaneously. Anyway I now think the person I originally talked to, who said the letters would go out last Friday, maybe didn't realize how much work was involved before sending out the letters and overestimated the speed at which she could complete the task.

    Also, she hasn't answered the phone, so she is probably very busy.

    They supposedly send all acceptance and denial letters out together.
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