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Hi Everyone! I decided to start this thread in hopes of seeing if there is anyone excited about applying to the fscj rn program spring 2013. I am currently taking a microbiology class this summer. I would have applied for fall... Read More

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    Quote from kristiann1985
    YEs that is the same number I have been trying. Any luck with the email?
    I had a response the next day. Unfortunately for me, all of their class times are Mon-Fri. I'm going to start searching for a class that takes place on a Saturday, or later in the evening.
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    Do they only accept a certain amount of people outside of duval or nassau county? I haven't heard anything about that, I just assumed they accept people with the highest amount of points.
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    Quote from mandasue
    Does anyone live outside of duval or Nassau counties? I live in clay county and am just wondering what my chances are of actually getting into the program. Thanks!
    Yes I am in Flagler county. There is a note on the application about preference to Florida residents, especially from Duval and Nassau but I do not think it will affect our admission. I know St. Johns Community College actually give student points for living within the school's county, but FSCJ does not do that. I think it's more for Georgia residents and students out of state it will be an issue.
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    I too will be applying for the N/W program. So little time with such much too do still have to take the NAT. Super scared about that, I have to do well so that I make the 200 point mark. Good luck to all hope to meet you guys soon in person.
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    Hi everyone I'm new posting to this site, ive been visiting here a few times. However I'm preparing for the NAT test and I'm quite nervous. It's been a while since I did all of my pre-reqs, I've just finish this semester with my BA in Business, and is ready to get back to Nursing. Please any advise is greatly welcome and appreciated... Thank u!
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    Hi Salori07, seems as though our situations are similar I have a BS in bus. mgmt. & it's been awhile since my pre reqs were completed. Just stay focused relax and you should be fine. I take the NAT 9/22. Good luck hope you do well.
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    Hi Saldridge thank you, i'm currently studying for the NAT as well...i'm planning on taking it in Sept. as well. I have'nt set a date as yet, if you wanting a studing buddy I'm all for it...Good luck to you as well, and thank you again.
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    Having a study partner sounds awesome. Count me in. Thanks for the encouragement!
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    Hey Liamsmama,

    I just sent you an email to see if you could send me the Spring application. Just realized I need to get going on filling everything out. Time is flying. I take my CPR class Saturday and my NAT exam on the 17th and then I am done. Yay! I am hoping the NAT goes well. Thanks.
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    Hello Spring Hopefuls! I am new to the site! I applied for the FSCJ Fall nursing program, but did not get in. I didn't do well on the NAT - AT ALL!! I think my strategy was all wrong. I spent way too much time on the questions instead of trying to answer as many as possible. I am planning to reapply for Spring term, and I am praying that I get in. I am having to sit out of school for Fall term because I have nothing left to take. My pre-reqs score is 105, so I need to do really well on the NAT this time around. My previous NAT score was an embarrassing 65.28!! I have found a lot of helpful information from this thread, and I have gotten excited about applying again. Not much time left, so I'd better get to it!