sizure like activity after fainting

  1. this may be cheating, as i posted it over in the er forum, but i figured some folks here might have some insight.

    vasovagal syncope with seizure like activity: anyody seen it?
    in other words, a typical vasovagal trigger, followed by fainting, and tonic movements.

    this article claims an 8% incidence rate, and i am wondering if others have seen this. i haven't.

    [color=#333333]in a 6-year study conducted by investigators at northwestern university, up to 8% of patients with vasovagal syncope displayed seizure-like activity when they lost consciousness during a tilt table study. these patients underwent extensive neurological evaluations including eeg (electroencephalogram - a study of the electrical signals produced by the brain), cat scans, and mri scans, and none proved to have evidence of a true seizure disorder. their seizure-like movements during syncope are apparently caused by temporary but extremely low blood pressure during the syncopal episode.
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  3. by   ritarunningfeet
    saw it once in er, pt fainted and started twitching then came to, really weird, I grabbed some ativan thinking was a seizure, but it wasn't. Only that one time, haven't seen it since.
  4. by   ccccc
    I've seen it many times. Nothing to worry about according to the docs I've worked with.
  5. by   Just a mom
    My 10 year old daughter fainted after having blood drawn and immediately had a grand mal seizure. We saw the same thing happen 3 years prior, when she fainted after seeing her twin sister get a tooth pulled. She fainted, hit her head on the dental chair and floor and had a seizure. I am afraid that every time she faints, she will have a seizure. In this last episode, they immediately took her to get a CT scan. It was normal. Doctor said it was "fright" that caused vaso-constriction, that brought on the seizure.
  6. by   SkitzMuffin
    ever since i was a child if i fainted i always had a seizure afterwards. and the doctors dont know why it happens. and i know its not epilepsy. there has to be something i just wish the doctors did their job properly and was able to tell me what it is.
  7. by   AnonRNC
    I've seen it twice in "fairly" healthy adults (both with well-managed chronic illness, but who were not "sick" but were visiting family). The first time I was SURE it was a seizure and made a big stink with the Rapid Response Team. The second time, I pulled aside the ER doc (who responded to the Rapid Response) and told her what I saw; she assured me that jerking and twitching were very normal with syncope.
  8. by   loriangel14
    I have seen it, both in patients following a vasovagal and once after my daughter fainted.
  9. by   Fruit Sucker
    I've had vasovagal syncope with hypoxic seizure. My understanding is that it's not uncommon.
  10. by   RunnerRN2015
    I had it happen to me 2 years ago. I fainted and my husband was sure I was having a seizure. Foamy mouth, lost bladder control, looked like a typical seizure. He called 911 and when they came, they couldn't even get my BP it was so low. I was admitted and spent a few days having EEGs, MRIs, bloodwork, etc. but nothing was discovered. I haven't had one since but I know what it feels like when it starts to happen and I know what to do to prevent it from happening. (Lay down on the floor and put my feet up.)
  11. by   turnforthenurse
    This actually happened the other night, to a family member The person also had a pacemaker so that may have contributed to the fainting, but apparently seizure(-like) activity s/p vasovagal syncope isn't uncommon.

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