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  1. 0 Aside from ACLS & PALS, what other courses would be good to consider for me to take. I am graduating on Dec 14th and REALLY want to be a flight nurse. I know I have to work in ER and ICU but what other recommendations have worked well for you working as a flight nurse. What do you feel did not help or would help more if I did something else first?
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    If you look down about three threads you'll find one with questions similar to yours...actually they're exactly like yours...that have very thorough answers and some good links as well. Good luck!
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    CEN... CFRN... blah blah..
    there are tons...
    take all of em you can~

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    Solid experience will be your best asset. If I could do it all over again, I would have obtained solid ICU experience in addition to my ER experience. Most companies will want at least 3 years of experience.
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    For now, besides ACLS and PALS, concentrate on getting experience. Experience is the best way to get into flight nursing or any other specialty that you desire. Good luck.
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    I was just offered a flight nurse job. I have 27 years of experience...most ICU/ER. Reading all of the posts I guess I should go for it...sounds like an experience to check out and not let pass by.
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    If you have the time and money, you may consider taking the UMBC CCEMTP course. It is an 84 hour basic introduction into critical care transport. The CCEMTP was part of my initial flight orientation; however, other companies do not offer the course.

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