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  1. Hi everyone-

    Hoping for some advice and guidance. I am a 25 year old nurse. I currently work on a neuro/neurosurgery/trauma floor at a level I trauma center city hospital. My career goal has always been to be a flight nurse. I also have a 4 month old boy and am hoping to have 1-2 more children. My husband works night shift as a police officer and my parents are very involved so we've been able to avoid daycare and hope to do so for all of our children until preschool age (no judgement on this please, this is just how we are choosing to raise our kids).

    I have some options for what I can do right now...

    -continue at my current job. I work 2 day shift 12's a week and am every third weekend and holiday. Great schedule. Am one of the charge nurses, place multiple IVs a day, am telemetry certified, and occasionally am involved in codes on the floor (a few a year when they happen). Don't love the hospital (but it is a trauma center) and don't love the patient population. Change jobs down the road, possibly once I'm done having kids.

    -work 24 hours at an infusion clinic. No weekends or holidays. A much more relaxed position at a hospital I love (but not a trauma center). A great job for a mom, but probably not very appealing on a resume for getting a critical care turn Flight nurse position.

    -start looking for ED or ICU positions (which do you recommend??) to start getting this experience under my belt. Most likely my schedule won't be so great, possibly only per diem since most open positions are night shift and I can't do that with my husband also working nights.

    The flight nurse positions I have seen posted are all full time, so I would wait to do it until my kids are in school. Mostly wondering how to balance my mom life and nurse life so I can have a schedule that allows me to care for my children at home until school age, while not forgetting about my own career goals.

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    K Grady,
    I have posted several times on what is required/ expected in terms of qualifications and experience for the Flight Nursing Specialty on other posts in this section. I would caution you though in terms of being a mom, that Flight nursing is pretty unforgiving when it comes to family time and a healthy family life. Typically you work 24hour shifts , up to 48 hour shifts in areas, often long distances away from where you live. Many flight programs out there do not pay nearly as much as what one earns as a hospital RN so that leaves many having to pick up a Per Diem hospital job anyway, which further reduces your time at home with your family. Flight nursing is incredibly demanding in terms of extra education days , certifications that are required, way over and above what any hospital nursing job does. This heavily impacts your personal life. I have been a flight nurse specialist for 18 years and have seen many who just can't handle the lifestyle change that this job demands of one. Also, I always tell new nurses interviewing for flight positions to have "the Talk" with their loved ones and significant others in their lives. This job is extremely dangerous and death due to an accident is possible. This is a serious talk to be had and everyone in your family needs to be ok with this as well as the time that you will be away from home. I strongly encourage you to spend more time in the ICU at a large academic hospital preferably and get the experience. You can always have a flight positions are posted regularly. Enjoy your family and kids while they are young and need a mom around. Best of luck.
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    I have talked with a Chief Flight Nurse here is Jacksonville about becoming a flight nurse. He told me that he looks for CCRN nurses as they know all of the drugs. drips, how to use a vent, etc. He said that he occasionally will hire an ED nurse but focuses on CCRNs.