Help, Can't Decide On Career Path

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Help, Can't Decide On Career Path

Dear Beth,

I am inspired by your QA forum. I am 37 year old RN, mom of two kids (7 year old and 1 year old). I graduated 2 years ago. I worked one year in SNF and now I am working in the hospital in PCU.

As my kids grow older, I want to continue my study and be a role model for them. I am thinking to either pursue master degree for nurse manager role or be a nurse provider or start my business. For either of the career path, how should I prepare myself? There are so many different MS nursing programs. I am not too sure which one helps me better to achieve my goal.

I am considering Nurse administration and leadership, NP or MBA program. Please advise.

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Dear Not Sure,

Thank you for the kind words!

Your goal is to be a role model for your children and continue your education. That's a beautiful goal. You could realize your goal with any of the options you listed.

You are at that point of knowing that you want more but not knowing exactly what. 

Nurse manager, nurse provider, and nurse business owner are very different roles!

Before picking one as a graduate track and career path, consider what you love to do as a nurse. Identify your skills and discover your passion.

Some questions to ask yourself:

Do you naturally organize and lead others? Do you want to bring about change and have more influence to improve patient care? (nursing management)

Do you see yourself as an entrepreneur? Do you relish the idea of being self-employed and owning your own business? (business owner)

Or do you get energy from direct patient contact as a provider? (nurse provider)

I hope this helps you make the best choice for you.