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Working 7p-7a

  1. 0 Hello everyone! I am going to be working as a GN @ my hospitals 7p-7a. Of course I will do my training in the morning, and then starting this completley different schedule than I am used to, so I am a little bit nervous at such an adjustment. Anyone else in my shoes or was once in my shoes? Thanks for the thoughts!!
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    Nights is a nice shift to work on as a new nurse. It's not as busy, easier for you to keep track of things and not get as overwhelmed. Also, more time to read charts, look at histories, etc. You may not have the pt interaction, constant phone calls from doctors, and other issues daylight shift does, but I like it.
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    I agree, nights are really great for a new nurse. My best advice to you is to make your sleep very important. You need your sleep and you need to let everyone know that you will not be available during that exceptions! I do great on the night shift because I make sure to get my rest. I became an RN in July but have worked the night shift since last January after working the day shift as a CNA for 10 years. I like the atmosphere of the night shift. Best of Luck!
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    Great thank you so much for the advice! This makes me feel alot better about the situation!
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    when you work back to backs, go home, eat, shower and go to bed! unplug your phones because sleep can be hard to come by when you're adjusting to night shift AND have the stress of a new nursing job.

    and get blackout curtains and something to make white noise... people tend to mow their lawns during the day.
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    I love nights. Make sure those you know understand that you will be sleeping during the day and that they are not to bother you. Them calling at 11AM would be like you calling them at 3AM. Best of luck as you start.
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    i work as a nurse tech on the 7p to 7a shift and i hope to find a job in the same shift when i graduate in may..... you couldn't pay me enought to work days....
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    Congratulations on your new job! I've worked nights for over 6 years & I LOVE it! it does get some getting used to, & even now I still get calls from family & friends @ all hours of the morning when I'm sleeping, but for the most part, you will adjust & you will find that you can function on less sleep (don't ask me how that works).

    The only drawback is on your day off, since you will be sleeping most the day, it won't really feel like a day off.

    Best of luck!!