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  1. casperx875x

    Is there still a nursing shortage crisis?

    Absolutely is there a nursing shortage. Unfortunately it is being resolved as hospitals are forcing larger workloads on the staff they already have. Eventually, they will see it does not work as even more nurses than before begin to leave the profession due to over-exhaustion. Everything in life is cyclical. Soon enough we will see hospitals crying out for help. It will probably be several years, but I'm fairly sure it will happen again. I'm sorry you're having such a hard time finding a job. I have many nurse friends who are in the same position. My best advice is to be as aggressive as possible! The squeaky wheel always gets the attention!
  2. casperx875x

    Dr anxiety...ridiculous!

    I never apologize for calling a physician. It's BOTH of our jobs to care for the patient whether it be 10AM or 2AM. I will clearly state that A) I am concerned about a change in the patient's status, B) I have a direct order to notify the physician if X, Y, or Z occurs or C) I am required to notify a physician for critical labs, etc. If they don't want to be notified about a certain event, ask them if you can discontinue that order, otherwise they will continue to be notified. I've only been yelled at once in my 8 months so far *knocks on wood* but actually received a return phone call from that physician stating that I was right to call him, and he even apologized. If you feel a physician is ignoring your concerns, file a complaint, notify your NM, get your charge nurse involved and call an RRT if you have that available at your facility. Better to be safe than sorry. Continue to be an advocate for your patient!!
  3. casperx875x

    How do you manage your time?

    Working nights and going to school full time together is really, really hard. I did it myself and had a really hard time. I think you need to grab a schedule book, time out blocks of when you're in school or when you're working and pretty much just schedule your sleep. It sounds weird, but it really helped me. This way you know when you'll be able to get your sleep in and it will help you to organize your time much better.
  4. casperx875x

    How can I prevent myself from having a nervous breakdown?

    The first year is tough, from what I heard, and I definitely have had my fair share of near nervous breakdowns in my 6 months so far. I think that is contributing to how you feel, but your job does not sound safe. I would run. And run fast.
  5. casperx875x

    Struggling with orientation and nursing itself

    I can totally relate. Nursing has a huge learning curve and can be really tough at first. It's a lot more mentally exhausting than the general public thinks. I, too, graduated May 2008 and felt sooo overwhelmed at first. I had 2 patients and was thinking, "how in the world could I handle 5!?" The past 2 or 3 weeks have really been eye-opening and I feel that I've really started to be able to put 2 and 2 together. It's not as horrific as I thought it would be. I've been able to handle a heavy patient load and keep things together. I had 10 weeks of orientation, and they ended yesterday. I am feeling pretty good. Nervous of course, but feeling good. I agree with one of the other posters that time management will be an issue that will follow you wherever you go. I'd say to give it some more time - you will eventually find a system that will work for you. I also have to say that evening shift is really tough. You are following up on things from earlier in the day and are cut right up in the middle of the patient's day. I would much rather work a day shift and run around like a chicken with its head cut off. You will find your way! :)
  6. casperx875x

    I feel terrible!

    SATA is a style of question, and based on recent posts here, is not indicative of whether or not you passed. I had about 5, my good friend that I tested with had 30+. We both passed with 75 questions. Wishing you the best of luck! Let us know how it turns out! :)
  7. casperx875x

    guys, i want to pass nclex

    I highly recommend Kaplan and Saunder's. Those were my main two resources. I also used the 250 New Format Question book and the Prioritization, Delegation and Assignment book. Best of luck!
  8. casperx875x

    Do New-Grads get to choose?

    Be on the lookout for internships if you are hoping to start in a specialty area. They are often competitive, so apply early! Best of luck in your job search!
  9. casperx875x

    NCLEX exam advice

    I agree, having previous hospital experience as a PCT/CNA will highly enhance your career as a nurse. I know that for me, having that experience has made my nursing orientation much, much easier. At first it was hard to delegate tasks to PCTs and to let them do their part and for me to do my part, but it's become easier. It will also give you a greater appreciation for how hard the PCTs work to meet your needs to care for your patients. You can usually tell if a nurse has previous experience as a PCT - and if they haven't, it is usually a rough relationship among that nurse and the PCTs. You will do great with the added experience! Best of luck in school and finding a job!
  10. casperx875x

    Hourly Rounding

    I'd like to know, when are we not in each patient's room at least once every hour!?
  11. casperx875x

    TCU/Stepdown unit clinical problems

    I agree 100%. Without a doubt, the BIGGEST problem in our unit. These patients are stepdown for a reason. The Nurse:Patient Ratio kills us. This past week I had 4 complete patients, 2 vents and 2 trach collars.
  12. I highly recommend obtaining a job as a CNA/PCT while in Nursing school. You will be way ahead of your peers, and let me tell you, it will make orientation as a nurse that much easier. I could not imagine orienting as a nurse without any previous hospital experience. Having been on both sides, I do feel that being a tech was much more physically exhausting. More patients to help, trying to meet the needs of all the nurses you are working with. You can usually tell if a nurse was a PCT prior to becoming a nurse. Having PCT experience will give you a much greater appreciation for how exhausting it can be to be a PCT. I feel pretty darn lucky that we have such awesome PCTs. You are smart for wanting to get the experience beforehand. Good luck finding a job!
  13. casperx875x

    Uniform, where to get it from online, Legit.

    Tafford.com Sign up for email sale alerts - very frequent discounts of up to 20% off order + free shipping. Very high quality. Be warned: sizes run a size too large.
  14. casperx875x

    MRSA isolation

    Come work a day on my floor. Nearly every patient is on contact precautions for MRSA, with every other one being on precautions for MRSA/VRE as well, some CDiff, too. I'm used to the gowns by now and almost feel naked without one on. And yes, they are HOT. :)
  15. casperx875x

    New Grad Program at Hershey Medical Center

    I interviewed for the NICU Internship Program at Hershey. I was very impressed with the NM, the hospital environment and the staff in the unit. The Nurse Recruiter was on top of everything and made the entire interview process an absolute ease. I applied online on a Wednesday, received a phone call the next morning to schedule an interview. I think you will find that applying for jobs can be very time-consuming and frustrating. It is mostly a game of phone-tag back and forth with the nurse recruiter. Looking back, part of me feels a sense of regret for not accepting the job, but family comes first. Turns out I am pretty happy where I am right now. I wish you the best in your search for a job. It is an exciting time, and I highly encourage you to shadow a nurse for a shift on the shift you will be working before accepting ANY job. Good luck!
  16. casperx875x

    Possible move to Delaware

    A girl I graduated with had her preceptorship in Beebe's ED. She loved it so much, she approached the NM and was offered a job there. Last I heard, she loves it there! Housing may be a little pricey down there because it is near the beach, but I'm not sure. It can be pretty humid around here, lots of rain, I don't think I've seen any significant snow in years.