What salary is fair for a NEW RN grad? - page 2

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Very curious....I live in the Philadelphia/South Jersey area. Also, do you think it's professional to negotiate your first offer?... Read More

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    I live in Philly. Got hired as a new grad RN; seven yrs experience LPN. Got new grad rate; 6 month 5% raise, then 13% raise after one year to even out equivalency for my total nursing experience. They use a clinical ladder/pathway model, so while experience is counted when you come in, it's adjusted after you start working and get your feet wet. I would find out what "model" of salary calculation they have.
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    I was started at $31/hour as a new grad at a major teaching hospital in South Jersey. As far as negotiating salary, with as saturated as the market in this area is, I'd be hesitant; there are thousands of new grads graduating every semester who will chomp at the bit to take that dollar less an hour.