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I graduated in May 2010 from a college in Georgia, and I moved to Orange County a few days after graduation. I didn't go to school in California, did not yet have CA endorsement (had a Georgia RN), and knew no RNs in the area,... Read More

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    Quote from JEP2011
    Thank you for this wonderful advice! This is awesome!!
    I agree with everyone! Lets keep our hopes HIGH!. :redpinkhe

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    Thank you! It has been so difficult finding work as a new grad. I am now working in LTC (just started) and planned on trying to rack up certifications while working and continuing to look for a hospital job. I looked at where you did your certifications and it is, of course, in California. I am looking for a local provider and notice that I can get certified for many of these things online. That's kind, worrying. RE-certification I can see, but initial? For ACLS? And I'd really like practice in IV, but the local classes are all on dummies, not real people. I get the problem with practicing on real people, but having tried both dummies and real people - they are very different! :-) For one, the dummies already have holes in their arms where hundreds of students have stuck them, they don't complain and you don't actually know if you are going to get any blood or if you have gone through the vein because there's nothing there!

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