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Three weeks no call back

  1. 0 hello everyone,

    I am a new grad and desperately looking for a position, after countless of up and downs filling out paper work for home health agencies with no hope of landing a position, I was happy to get a call for an interview for LTC facility, the interview was very quick and simple even though I didn't understand why the interviewer wouldn't make any eye contact with me, she went ahead and told me that she "liked me" and she would love to give a new grad a chance since someone gave her a chance when she was a new grad furthermore she went ahead and told me what the pay would be as a new grad so I was like great, she did not asked me the typical interview questions... ie.... why should I hire you or tell me about you strengths and weaknesses, it was a bitter sweet and a very quick meeting, at the end of the interview she told me that she would have to see what schedule she can work out for me since the 3-11 would be a tough schedule for a new grad. Ok so now here's my dilemma it's been 3 weeks since I've called a week later after the interview if she was still interested in me she told me to give her couple of days and until now no call back and I saw the same job opening posted on Craiglist a week after my interview. I am not sure what to do now it's really getting me down, do anyone here went through the same situation? or is this the norm now for these company to take such a long time to do that call back.
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    Try following up with them. Just call and say : Hi, my name is X and I interviewed on this date and wanted to see if there was any progress on my application.
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    Last time I did, she seem as if she didn't want to talk much she quickly just tell me to give her more time, I don't want come off that I'm bothering her but she is not giving me anything at all not even an email.
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    Quote from cincin1222
    Last time I did, she seem as if she didn't want to talk much she quickly just tell me to give her more time, I don't want come off that I'm bothering her but she is not giving me anything at all not even an email.
    I would call back anyway. I was calling ever week after I put in an application and was finally told to come in for a test. I did well on it and finally got an interview. I didn't get the job then because my school schedule conflicted with orientation hours. They told me to come back when the semester was over and I did and I got the job. I would keep calling so that they know that you're really interested.
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    What helped me to get my job was sending a Thank You card in the mail for the interview. Most people these days send an email, but my nurse manager was impressed with an actual card sent in the mail. It stood out from all the rest. The day she received my card was the day she called and offered me the position!
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    Thank you, I think sending her a card is a great idea and I am definitely going to call tomorrow
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    Keep us posted! Good luck
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    IMO, if you don't hear from them after an interview, one follow-up call/e-mail from you is acceptable. Maybe a second time if you really want the job and feel things went really well in the interview...I wouldn't do it more than twice though. If you still don't hear back after your follow-up attempts, accept that you probably haven't gotten this job and they weren't professional enough to reject you properly, and move on.

    Of course, being a new grad, you haven't stopped the job search during all this...right? Never stop searching and applying until you've signed an official job offer.

    Best of luck!
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    Well I called and got a vm, left a message back yet, so like the previous poster said the second attempt is my last, I am not going to do anymore follow up. Oh well